Review of a big scam: The Medallion App and Medallionaire

Medallion App web siteToday’s review is a warning about a binary options scam called the “Medallion App” or “Medallionaire“. It abuses some famous names and trademarks.

The video presentation makes a connection between the Medallion App and the Medallion fund of James Harris Simons from Renaissance Technologies. They say that the app will trade for you and make you thousands of dollars per day.

And the common miracle is here too, it is all free, you have to pay nothing for technologies that are otherwise accessible to millionaires only.

The Medaillion App scam

Medallion testimonials
Articles that do not exist.

Let’s get straight to the point, The Medallion App on binary options is a scam that abuses not only the Medallion fund, Renaissance Technologies and James Simons, but also some other names.

Here comes the first proofs. On the Medallionaire’s web site you can find some screenshots from the Fortune magazine, BBC or Bloomberg. They show some articles about the Medallion App.

But if you do a search on these web sites for these articles, you won’t find them, the screenshots are fake, these articles have never been published. See image on the right.

Medallion software
Scammers use a recycled app.

And here is the second proof. When you sign up for Medallionaire, you will be taken to an app that we have seen many times before, it is used by well known binary options scams like Platinum Profits, God’s Treasure or The 2016 App.

The trading app (screenshot on the right) is always the same, they just change colours and the logo. This a 100 percent proof that The Medallion App is a scam.

And how does it work? They will make you open a binary options trading account and deposit at least $250. This will make them earn an affiliate commission with their broker (Titan Trade) and then their app will trade your account and lose your money. That’s it.


If you really want to make money on binary options, the only way is to learn and build your own profitable strategy that you will trade yourself. You can start with a free demo to see if it is for you without risking anything. Only when you feel comfortable and make money on a demo, you can trade with real money.

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