Review of a scam: Profit Hacker System by Sonia Lewis

In this review we are going to have a look at a new binary options scam called „Profit Hacker System“, it is presented by Sonia Lewis.

Sonia Lewis promises that her Profit Hacker System will make you $3000 to $5000 per day. She shows some supposedly live trading results and also a bank account, but all of this is faked, pure scam.

Profit Hacker System
They bought the image of this woman.

When we see a new binary options trading system, we usually study the whole presentation and look at every detail, it is usually a time consuming task. But this time Sonia Lewis is giving proofs of scam so quickly, that it made us laugh. And we did not even need to look at the presentation to the end.

So let’s start. Lewis says in her video that members of her group are making fortunes with the Profit Hacker System, she shows images of these people, but they are fake. One example for all, Joanna does not exist, it is an image bought from Shutterstock here.

Another proof. When Lewis shows “live” trading results, in fact, you don’t see any live trading results. You just see some demo results that don’t change on the right and some signals in the middle the have an expiry in two days. Another proof of scam is that when the time passes midnight, the date on her screen does not change.

   ddate     demotrades
After midnight the date does not change. And where are the live trades?

Bank demo.

Third proof. When Lewis shows “her bank account”, look at the URL in her browser, she is showing a demo account from UBS for testing purposes, everybody can log into this public account here.

This way we could go on and on a present other proofs, but we think that these three are more than enough to know that the Profit Hacker System is a scam. Always beware of those binary options trading systems that promise a lot of money for free. Claims about limited spots and time and verified results are lies.

Binary options can make you money, but you have to learn and trade them yourself on a demo account, no automated free system will do that for you, no matter the scam story around them.

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2 thoughts on “Review of a scam: Profit Hacker System by Sonia Lewis

  1. Tried both profit hacker system and copy trade profit and deposited $250 on each one and lost it all but $2 on the profit hacker system and $16.75 on the copy trade profit system. Also another note to add and for people to watch out for is nowhere will let you withdrawl anything under $100. Both programs signed me up with 2 brokers. Profit hacker system set me up with Banc De Binary and GTOptions. And the copy trade profit system set me up with Binary book and option rally, luckily I didn’t deposit the $250 into both accounts and only did the one to test it.
    Unfortunately for me when I signed up to them I googled them to check it out and there weren’t any scam reports about them, they actually had nothing but positive reports and everyone was making money from them (obviously fake) so I got suckered in that way so I’m here to warn people and give people the heads up I didn’t get. I wish I saw this report before I got screwed!
    DONT USE ANY OF THEM!!! They’re all scams, even the brokers they signed me up with told me they don’t work and I shouldn’t be using them! Here’s the win lose ratio for my last few trades the bots made.
    Profit hacker system last 12 trades. 3 won and 9 lost.
    Copy trade profit. 16 trades. 4 won and 12 lost.
    Both systems were losing up to 5 times in a row, not very good when they all claim to have a proven 75% success rate which means every 10 trades shouldn’t lose more than 3 times, but with me I had a 75% unsuccessful rate with both of them.
    Don’t Trust Them! No matter how good their videos look or the fake positive reports you read on the Internet. They Don’t Work!
    So please don’t get suckered into using them, they’ll lose all your money!

  2. Please, get rid of STOCKPAIR, it is a pure scam trading plataform. I have lost 2x USD 200.00 just trying to make some money from their trading page. Every once I was to get expire time and win, its sistem “inteligently” retarded its expiration untill I got a red icon, so it give me a loss ever and ever, till your money ends. No way to complain about this because data of time and expiration were wrote according to your precise timeframe, I dont know how, but I am sure they reap you out of Money whenever they want, just by manipulating your trades, one by one.
    Also I have kept some JPGs of some trades I got lost when it should be win ones…
    Forgive me any misstypes as my native language is portugueese. Att Jota Obom

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