Review of a scam: The Millionaire Blueprint on binary options by Walter Green

Walter GreenToday we are going to review another binary options scam called the “Millionaire Blueprint”, it is presented by Walter Green. Also known as Walter’s FMS.

Green says that he will give you free access to his binary options trading system that made him millionaire. He has allegedly already made 152 people millionaire within 90 days. His presentation video lasts for more than 30 minutes and it is full of nice stories and testimonials, but it is just a fairy tale, everything is fake.

How can we say that? Well, Walter Green admits himself in his Disclaimer that his sales video is fictitious and made with actors. In fact he does not guarantee any income or success with the Millionaire Blueprint!

Millionaires Blueprint TOS
Be sure to read the first paragraph.

He obviously thinks that if he admits it, that his presentation is no longer a scam, but we have a different opinion. His video dominates his page, he presents a heart breaking story and he promises that he will make you a millionaire.

He is playing with emotions and pushes you to open a binary options trading account and deposit money. Then his trading system will trade your account and lose your deposit.

He obviously knows that a lot of people do not read disclaimers, especially under emotional stress, which is exactly what the Millionaires Blueprint sales video creates. That is why we label it the same way as other binary options scams.


Binary options are a great financial instrument that you can make money with. But you have to first learn trading on a free demo account. No free automatic trading system will make you money on binary options, you have to put some effort in it in order to succeed.

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4 thoughts on “Review of a scam: The Millionaire Blueprint on binary options by Walter Green

  1. I am trying to log on to your binary program and this has failed. There is a notice on your webpage,which is saying something about some kind of scam involving your program. I tried signing up a few days ago however, it was telling me that that my transaction could not be completed, I knew I had was to top up my account, I am trying to access that page but I am unable to. On the page it was telling me to contact customer service, but I am not seeing a contact number.

    1. Hi, it is a mistake, we do not run any binary options program, we are just writing and publishing reviews.

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