Review of the filthy scam Super Simple Bot

Super Simple Bot comparisonIn this review we are going to prove that „Super Simple Bot“ is a binary options scam.

When we first saw the SuperSimpleBot, it looked very familiar. Indeed, it is exactly the same app as used by the Option Robot, which is a proved scam. So yes, it as simple as that, Super Simple Bot is just a cloned scam that is losing money.

The promises of these systems are unreal and should be suspicious to anybody. 89,7% winning rate and making you money while you sleep for free, of course!

Super Simple Bot is a scam

We have already provided a detailed description of this system in the previous review, so let’s just concentrate on what is the most dangerous and disgusting aspect of this scam.

Super Simple Robot provides a free demo, but it uses a fake price feed. We have proved that in the video of the Option Robot. The prices you see in the demo are absolutely unreal, so the app is in fact faking the results.

So no surprise that on the demo you’ll see a lot of winning trades and your virtual account growing. The only purpose of this big lie is to make you open an account with their broker and deposit money.

But if you do it, you’ll start seeing very different results and you’ll be losing money. Because real price feed and trade results cannot be faked, of course.

Look at the following pictures, on the left you can see the Super Simple Bot and on the right a real price feed. The differences are big and it is absolutely clear that the SuperSimpleBot trades are totally fake.

Results Super Simple Bot trades


Super Simple Bot is a cloned binary options scam that is trying to convince you with fake demo results to deposit money. Don’t do it.

If you are interested in trying real binary options to see how money can really be made, do it on a free demo account that provides real results.

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5 thoughts on “Review of the filthy scam Super Simple Bot

  1. Pues yo lo he probado con dinero REAL y es MUY MALO. No lo recomiendo para nada. || Well I’ve tried it with REAL money and is very bad. Not recommended at all.

  2. hi murray,are you saying this actually happened recently?what a world?i have been reviewing this bot for days now after trying the demo and it worked well.still reviewing and found this.thinking of signing up until now.please kindly advice me?

    1. hi

      one more important thing…..the demo mode operates beautifully even on weekends!!!!!

  3. Hi, I foolishly signed up for the Supersimplebot. I opened an account with Banc de Binary (required) and deposited $250. I ran the bot in demo mode a couple of times showing good profits. When I logged into my Banc a/c I found there was a balance of only $83. I finally found out that the bot had made a number of trades from $5 to $100 losing $150. I explained to Banc staff that I had not run the bot in “real” mode. They would not help me recover my funds; just told me to contact the bot people. I have done that but no reply. Do you know of any way that I could attempt to recover my funds?

    1. Hi, I’m affraid that the only thing you can do is to withdraw the remaining balance. Unless somebody brings these scammers to justice…

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