RIDICULOUS SCAM: Crypto301 review

Crypto 301 mining webIn this review of the Crypto 301 company we show why you have to stay away of this scam.

Crypto301 is supposed to by a cryptocurrency mining and investment company registered in the UK.

Their offer consists of several investment programs, that allegedly can earn you up to 114% per day! It means 3420% per month and 41610% per year.

So, is this offer real?

Crypto 301 scam

We would expect not to have to explain this, but since people are asking us, we must publish this warning, Crypto301 is a total scam.

Impossible numbers

All you really need to know about Crypto301 is said by the numbers. 114% per day or 41610% per year are numbers that are screaming SCAM! It is absolutely impossible to achieve this kind of numbers in any real business in this world. Period.

Only Ponzi scam schemes offer these returns. They work like this: they accept deposits from the public and pay out the interests taking money from new deposits. In other words it’s a pyramidal game that will collapse as soon as there are not enough new deposits. Which can happen any time.

Fake history

History is fakeCrypto 301 claims to be running for more than a year, but it’s a lie, the website is only two months old.

Check our picture to see the proof.

Fake company

Crypto301 company does not existCrypto301 claims to be a company legally registered in the UK, they even provide a link to the Companies House.

The funny thing is that there is no trace of Crypto301 in this register of UK companies. So, it’s just another lie they tell.

How it really works

As we already mentioned, Crypto301 is a Ponzi scheme. There is no real mining or investing going on behind. They just pay interests out of new deposits, which is a concept doomed to fail. All Ponzis collapse in the end.


Crypto 301 is a scam. If it is still paying, it will stop soon. Stay away from it!

Cryptocurrency mining is barely profitable. Don’t expect to buy some mining power online and make great returns, it just is not possible. You can try crypto trading on a free demo account to see what returns are possible in trading.

But don’t trade with real money until you have learned all the necessary things and built a profitable strategy.

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