ROBOT SCAM: Smart Simple Bot review

This review is a warning against the binary options scam Smart Simple Bot.

What it is about

Smart Simple Bot reviewSmartSimpleBot is a binary options trading robot that generates signals and executes the trades automatically. It allegedly has an almost 90% win rate.

Smart Simple Bot allegedly costs at least $1,000, but you can get it for free for the first month or so.

SmartSimpleBot scam

Software testWe strongly recommend not to trade binary options with Smart Simple Bot, because it is a scam.

When they let you test it, they say that on the demo you will “realize how powerful it is – live”. The problem is that the demo is faking results, so you will see profits that would not occur in real trading.

And you don’t even have to compare the price feed live side by side with a broker, you just need to look at some prices/rates. Look at our picture and you will see that the robot used the exchange rate 1.0371 for the USD/JPY pair, which is totally fake and unreal price. The Japanese Yen is worth 100 times less.

This proves that Smart Simple Bot is a scam. It is trying to fool you with fake profits, but in reality the robot is losing money.

The truth

MoneyThe obvious reason for the existence of the Smart Simple Bot is to take money away from you. They try to make you believe that the robot is profitable, for this purpose they use a fake demo.

If, based on the demo results, you start to believe that SmartSimpleBot really works, you will pay for it and lose your money.


Smart Simple Bot is a scam that uses a fake demo to make you believe that it is profitable, but it is not.

Use a genuine free demo with a regulated broker to learn how to make real money in trading.

Stay on the demo until you build a profitable strategy.

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