ROBOTIC SCAM: Crypto Forex review

Crypto Forex websiteThis review contains a comparison that shows that Crypto Forex is a scam.

Crypto Forex is a robot that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies through contracts for difference (CFD). The robot can trade for you on autopilot.

It goes without saying that if a robot is made to trade on your behalf, it should be profitable, right? So, what about Crypto Forex?

Crypto Forex scam

Scams on the same platformUnfortunately, Crypto Forex is based on a trading platform that we have seen used by scams only. Check our picture to see that for example Rain Cloud Coin and Robot Bitcoin are based on the same software.

We have proved many times that this software is dangerous, because it has a demo feature that uses fake prices to generate profits that would never occur in real trading. The demo is not always switched on in this platform, but when it is, it can fool a lot of people.

Because this robot is used by many scams, we have a lot of feedback about it from real users. And they all confirm that this software is losing money in real trading.

The truth

Finally, let us explain how Crypto Forex really works. When you sign up, you will be pushed to deposit money with a selected broker. You will be told that the platform is free, but in order to use it in real trading you have to deposit money with a broker that you cannot chose.

As you can probably guess, the reason is that people who run the robot are paid by this broker for referring new clients that will deposit and lose money. The broker is always unregulated, so you will stand no chance of getting your money back.


Crypto Forex is a program that uses a scam robot, therefore you should stay away from it!

If you want to make money in crypto trading, start practicing on a free demo with a regulated broker and build your own profitable strategy.

Only when your strategy is ready you can start trading with real money.

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