Crypto Robot official webIn this review we examine Crypto Robot and explain why it is a trading scam.

Crypto Robot provides automated cryptocurrency trading signals, which means that it can trade for you on your account.

You are supposed to open a trading account, deposit money and let the robot trade for you. Can you make money this way?

Crypto Robot scam

There are two reasons why we classify Crypto Robot as an investment scam.

Known losing software

Scam robotWe tested the software and immediately recognized a famous software used by dozens of scams. We have known this app for years and recently we have seen it used by scams like Auto Crypto Bot, True Profit or Crypto Coins Bot.

We have tons of feedback about this trading robot from real users and they all have been saying that it is losing money.

Furthermore, sometimes it is possible to test this crypto robot software in a demo mode, but the demo is faking results and generating fake profits to fool you. This makes it very dangerous.

Scam brokers

The worst brokersThe second thing that makes Crypto Robot scam is the brokers it is working with. It is really the show of the worst of the worst.

All these brokers are not regulated and we hear a lot of complaints about them not paying anything. GreenFields Capital, Olsson Capital or Ashford Investments are really the worst in this industry.

How it really works

The real purpose of Crypto Robot is to make you deposit with one of these scam brokers. Because if you do it, owners of this robot will get paid by the broker for referring a new depositor.

Now you know that you have to stay away of these brokers if you don’t want to lose your money.


Crypto Robot is a scam that is made to lose your money with a scam broker. Stay away from it!

If you want to try to trade cryptos to make money, start on a free demo with a regulated broker, so that you don’t risk anything.

Trading is risky, so you first have to build a solid strategy and prove it testing.

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