ROCKY SCAM: BitRoxa review

Bitroxa official webIn this review of Bitroxa we show why this investment program is a scam that can lose your money.

Bitroxa claims to be a company specialized in bitcoin trading. Thanks to their strategies they allegedly are able to get great returns for their customers: 0,63% hourly, deposit included, which means 353% per month net profit.

And that’s it, no fees, just more than a triple return on your investment each and every month. Really?

Bitroxa scam

No licenceUnfortunately, Bitroxa is a Ponzi scheme that is hiding behind cryptos, there is no real bitcoin trading going on.

Yes, BitRoxa is a company registered in the United Kingdom, but it is completely new, the registration is just one month old. Besides, it is just a tax registration, it says nothing about the company’s activities or legality.

The main thing here is that BitRoxa provides financial services, which is an activity that in the UK requires a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

But according to our research BitRoxa is not licensed by the FCA, which means that it is operating illegally.

Scam numbers

Returns on investments are unrealBut honestly, such a research was not really needed for us to see that Bitroxa is a scam. All you have to do is look at the numbers, 353% monthly in net earnings is a number that is impossible for any legitimate business. That’s a fact.

Only Ponzi schemes offer this type of returns. These scams use new deposits to pay the profits, until the system collapses because of the lack of new deposits. Or even sooner, when scammers decide they collected enough money.

Lately we have seen a lot of these scams with a new UK tax registration. Thye last only for a few weeks and then they disappear with all the money.

This is why they accept deposits in cryptocurrencies only, they need the transactions to be irreversible.


BitRoxa is a scam, not a real investment opportunity. It is designed to fail, stay away from it!

If you are interested in bitcoin trading, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you will see what profits are really possible and what you have to learn in order to succeed.

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