ROTTEN SCAM: Golden Option review

Golden Option reviewIn this review we go into depth of the Golden Option scam that is promising you profitable trading signals.

Golden Option is an online Forex trading program that allegedly will teach you how to trade profitably and provide you with profitable signals. They say that students of this program are in the top 10% of profitable traders.

The offer is clear, you will receive 4 to 10 Forex signals per week and average 200 pips in profit each weak, so more than 800 pips in a month. The signals cost $33 per month, $200 for three months or $997 lifetime.

But don’t throw your money out of the window this way.

Golden Option scam

We had a detailed look at Golden Option trading, and we found out that it is a scam.

Basic problem

Product priceLet’s start with the basics. They say that their signals will get you more than 800 pips per month, which would mean more than $8,000 per month in profits with just one traded lot. Add some lots and you could become a millionaire within one year.

So, you are supposed to believe that for $33 per month you can become a millionaire in less than one year. Will you believe that? Well, you of course shouldn’t.

Not only making 200 pips consistently each week is impossible, but even if it was possible, such a service would cost millions and most probably wouldn’t even be available to the general public.

Golden Option is an extremely get rich quick scheme, which is a clear proof of scam.

Fake testimonials

Golden Option testimonialsThe Golden Option’s website is full of reviews and testimonials. But if you look at them closely, you will see some very interesting details.

Namely that there is one blue jacket in several of these videos and photos. We made a research and it seems that it is either only one guy or two guys that are running Golden Option and making testimonials for their own service.

In other words, several of these reviews were made by the owner(s)! There is also this one black 3 series BMW that can bee seen in different reviews. Also, the guy with the blue jacket is selling a system for people to acquire clients for their online businesses, he calls himself Joe Dufresne and on his web page you will find that one of his clients is the owner of Golden Option Nicolas Filitrault.

On our picture you will find a proof of everything we just mentioned above.

Don’t expect results nor refunds

Trading resultsIf Golden Option wasn’t a scam, this finding would be funny. Because if you read their website carefully, you will find a warning that you should not expect to achieve trading results presented on their website.

No money backAnd you will also not be given any refund in case you are not satisfied with the results. These two facts speak for themselves and show the true nature of the program.


Golden Option is a scam, the owner made his own testimonials and is promising impossible profits in Forex trading. Stay away from it!

Just to be clear, it is possible to make money in trading, but profitable trading is a skill that you have to learn, no cheap signals will make you a millionaire. You have to practice on a demo account and build your own strategy.

And never forget that money can not only be made, but also lost in trading, so be careful if you start investing real money.

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