ROYAL SCAM: BitcoinKings review

Bitcoin Kings official websiteIn this review you will learn why you should not invest any money with Bitcoin Kings.

BitcoinKings say they are specialized in bitcoin trading and mining since 2015. These activities allegedly allow them to achieve big profits that you can get a share of now.

With four investment plans the best offer is a 10% daily return on investment forever. This would mean more than 200% net per month. Is it real?

BitcoinKings scam

Outrageous plansBitcoinKings is real in the sense that it is a real scam. There is no way to make 10% daily in crypto mining. In trading you can have some days with such returns, but not every day, it is not sustainable in the long run.

These numbers are displayed only by scams. These scams either just take your money and pay you nothing, or they act like Ponzi schemes and will pay for a few days or even weeks before they collapse because of not enough new money going into the system.

Non-existing company

Fake companyBitcoinKings is showing a certificate of incorporation of a company in the UK, but it is fake. There is no BitcoinKings company registered in Britain.

Which of course means there is no BitcoinKings company licensed by the FCA to provide investment services either.

This program is totally anonymous, it just wants to take your cryptocurrency, because crypto transactions are irreversible, so nobody will be able to help you to get your money back.


BitcoinKings is a scam, they are not doing any real bitcoin trading or mining. Stay away from them!

Mining is not really profitable these days, to make money with cryptocurrencies you can try trading. See on a free demo how trading works and what it requires to achieve profits.

And remember that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful.

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