RUDE SCAM – Binary Profit Method – review

binaryprofitmethodThis review of Binary Profit Method proves that it is a binary options scam. It is presented by Steve Nichols.

Nichols claims to be a self made binary options trader who managed to put together a trading system that is making him $100,000 per month without working.

And what do you do when you have a money making system? You give to others for free! This is how this world works, right? So Nichols is willing to give you his Binary Profit Method for free.

Binary Profit Method scam

The reality is that Steve Nichols is just a scammer that is trying to make money for himself and lose yours.

Real results

resultsOne of the main things that is supposed to convince you that Binary Profit Method has great results is the so called live trading feed.

On Nichol’s website you can follow how trades are open, what is the invested amount and the result. But the feed is fake, it is one big lie, these results are not real!

Look at the picture. We followed one trade on the USD/JPY from the beginning to the end. It was open at 101.963 at 7:36 GMT. It should have been a loser, because it was a Call option, meanwhile the price at expiry at 8:30 GMT was lower.

But at 8:30 nothing happened, the trade was not closed, you can see it on the picture. We waited a few more minutes, but nothing happened. We checked again a few hours later and what a surprise, the trade was closed as a winner!

What’s more, it was closed at the price 103.602565, but the USD/JPY has never reached that price today, by far! Check the chart on the picture to see the proof.

So results of Binary Profit Method are faked and Steve Nichols is a scammer. Moreover you can find a lot of fake reviews of this system published by other scammers who promote this scam through affiliate links.

The truth

depositNow let us explain how Binary Profit Method Works. Nichols is affiliated with some unregulated brokers and will get paid for every new depositing client that he can refer to these brokers.

So he will give you his losing trading system for free, but you have to sign up and deposit money with one of his brokers, see the picture. This way he will earn an affiliate commission on you.

This is why he needs to lie about his system, he needs you to believe that he can make you money for free so that you sign up with one of his brokers.

But if you do it, you will then lose your deposit because of his crappy trading signals.


Binary Profit Method 2016 is a scam and Steve Nichols is a liar and a scammer. He will lose your money if you use his system.

As he shows his trades on his website, you can take them on a true free demo account when they appear to see the real performance of his system.

You can also use the demo to create a real profitable strategy to make real money.

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