SADISTIC SCAM: Forex Windwaker review

In our review of the Forex Windwaker trading system you will learn that it is a fraud.

Forex Windwaker reviewThe promise of Forex Wind Waker is that it will make you between 50 and 100 pips per trade. And you allegedly can have several winning trades per day, which would equal to hundreds of pips per day and thousands of pips per month.

Pictures suggest that this system can pick every top and bottom, meanwhile the performance report shows only winning trades. Is this a real Forex miracle that costs only 98 USD?

Forex Windwaker scam

TestimonialNo, Forex Wind Waker is not a miraculous trading indicator, it is a sadistic scam. Fraudster who are selling this crap must really have a good laugh about how they will crush people’s expectations.

People with little or no experience in Forex trading don’t want to hear it, but as a matter of fact it is impossible to make hundreds of pips per day and thousands of pips per month. And it is even more impossible to have only winning trades.

Since Forex Windwaker promises both thousands of pips per month and winning trades only, it is a sure scam, there just is no other possibility.

Trading resultsYou see, no trading system can pick every bottom and top of every market, Forex trading is a game of probabilities where every long-term profit is a big success. Tens or hundreds of pips are possible per month, bet certainly not per day.

And when somebody has a profitable system, they use it for making money, they don’t bother with setting up a website and selling it for a few dollars.

Or do you believe that a system that allegedly can earn thousands of dollars per day costs only 98 USD? No, that really is not how pricing of trading systems works.

How it really works

People who are selling the Forex Windwaker know they are selling losing crap, but they also know that for some reason not all people who they manage to scam will ask for a refund. And the non-refunded sales will be their profits.

Forex Windwaker review conclusion

Forex Windwaker is a losing trading system and a scam, don’t buy it!

Profitable Forex trading is a matter of practicing and acquiring experience. You can start learning on a free demo account.

Forget about free or cheap systems that promise hundreds of pips, they are scams.

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