SALTY SCAM: Ace Crypto Trade review

Ace Crypto Trade scamThis review explains that Ace Crypto Trade is a scam that should be avoided.

Ace Crypto Trade claims to be a project that is channeling investments into bitcoin mining. It offers several investment plans with returns up to 25% per week, which means 100% per month.

Can you really double your money every month with Ace Crypto Trade?

Ace Crypto Trade scam

Investment accountsNo, you cannot double your money every month with Ace Crypto Trade, because it is a scam. The reason is simple, it is absolutely impossible to double your money in bitcoin mining. That’s a fact and there is no way around it.

It means that any program offering 100% per month (or even “just” 40% per month) in bitcoin mining is a scam. Period.

Fake company

Not regulatedAce Crypto Trade claims to be regulated. It is true that it needs to be regulated in order to offer this kind of services legally. But it is not.

Ace Crypto Trade allegedly is based in England, but the company is not registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, thus it is not regulated and it is illegal.

How it works

It’s obvious that Ace Crypto Trade is either a total scam or a Ponzi scheme that might pay some profits at the beginning, but only at the expense of new deposits, which makes it also a scam that is going to collapse anyway.


Ace Crypto Trade is a scam that you should not put your money into if you don’t want to lose it.

With current crypto prices it is almost impossible to make money in mining, but you can try crypto trading instead. If you are interested, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

But remember that in trading money can be made and lost, so be careful.

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  1. This fraudulent SCAM website AceCryptoTradeLimited is 100% a SCAM! Don’t invest or you will lose your money and anyone else you sign up

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