Scam alert and review of The 2016 App

This review is about a new binary options scam called “The 2016 App”, it is presented by a certain Paul Worthington.

Worthington says that he has a trading system which trades with an 83 % accuracy. Although he promises to explain how it works, he never tells any details.

He just keeps saying that it will make you at least $800 per day on autopilot, it is supposedly guaranteed.

The 2016 App scam

2016 App testimonials
Names do not match.

Unfortunately The 2016 App is just another binary options scam. The most obvious proof comes when Worthington shows bank account statements that are supposedly his. Because if you look carefully, there is another name on them: Christopher Barlet. So this is a clear fake.

Other than that we are facing the usual scam scheme here. Worthington says that you just have to deposit $250 and you will get another $250 as a 100 % deposit bonus. This first of all means that you have to pay, the system is not free, you won’t be able to use it unless you deposit money.

Secondly he is lying when he says that you won’t be risking anything, because loses are deducted from your deposit, not from the bonus. The bonus is withdrawable only after a lot of trades, but then your account will be wiped out.

The true nature of The 2016 App is different. Worthington is affiliated with brokers and is getting paid for referring new traders to

2016 App
A rebranded scam.

them. So he needs you to open an account with his broker and deposit money.

His trading app does not work, it will lose your money, but he doesn’t care, because he will earn his affiliate commission. This is the same recycled crap that is used in different scams like God’s Treasure or Platinum Profits, just compare the images of the app, it is the same one, just rebranded.


We say it every time, binary options are a great trading tool that is easy to understand. But the only reliable way to make money with them is to build your own strategy with the help of a free demo account and trade it yourself. Nobody will make you money for free, these offers of free money are scams.

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