Scam Alert: Binary Meta Bot by Sir Roger Thorne

Today we are going to review a new binary options scam called the “Binary Meta Bot” presented by Sir Roger Thorne.

Roger Thorne

This one is actually funny, because we immediately recognized a scammer face. Just look at the image, the alleged Sir Roger Thorne already presented another binary options scam called the BinaryApp810, but under the name of John Callaghan! It seems that scammers are running out of people…

What is the Binary Meta Bot about

Binary Meta Bot and Roger Thorne
Famous face in this industry…

Thorne promises the usual fairy tale, the Binary Meta Bot is supposed to make you tons of money, and guess what, you lucky will get it for free. It is of course not true, because you will have to open a trading account and deposit money into it.

Thorne says that there is only a limited amount of spots in his program, but reload the page and the counter will be back up! Or revisit another day and you will again see a lot of places free.

But the worst lie on the Binary Meta Bot site is the guaranteed income. There are no guarantees whatsoever. Just read the disclaimer required by the law at the bottom of the page.

It says: “The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”

Fake testimonials

The Binary Meta Bot is full of fake testimonials, videos and photos. We saw some of the faces in other scams, just as Thorne’s. The real fun comes with the photos where Thorne is alongside some famous people like Warren Buffet, Richard Branson or Bill Gates. They are all fake, Photoshop work, just look at lights in their faces, it is obvious that Thorne was not originally there.


Stay away from the Binary Meta Bot, Roger Thorne is a known scammer. In fact he is a binary options affiliate, he will get a commission for every new trader that he refers to his broker. This is the reason behind his story and web site. Trading with his system will make you lose your deposit.

Trading binary options can bring you profits, but you have to first learn trading, nobody can do that for you, certainly not a free piece of software.

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9 thoughts on “Scam Alert: Binary Meta Bot by Sir Roger Thorne

    1. Hi, if you mean the Option Stars broker, it is a regulated broker, but we have no feedback about them so far. But if somebody is promising you free earnings with their system, it is certainly a scam.

      1. We invested money with them, we play the market and all appears ok, they did say if we invested more they would match that, all appears fine, although we have not tried as yet to withdraw money, so with reading all about scams I just wanted know if you did indeed have any feed back of them. Thanks for your comment.

    1. They don’t even provide a contact address on their web site, so we don’t recommend trading with them.

  1. I have just read your exposee of BinarymetaBot and Sir Roger, I well remember him when receiving his award in Cyprus( Banc-de-Binary offices ) as John Callaghan, suddenly Now SIR ROGER THORNE, name change and a Knighthood in three months.

    More seriously just received an e-mail on EliteGoldProfitService.
    Web sire States 98.7% profitable trades is this also a scam??
    Would appreciate your view.

    Thanks Colin

    1. Hi, we haven’t looked at EliteGoldProftService yet, but anybody promising you 98.7 % profitable trades is extremly probably a scammer.

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