Scam alert: Binary Millionaire on binary options

Free? You have to deposit.

In this review we are going to have a look at a new binary options scam called Binary Millionaire by Lee Cassy.

Cassy tells you a new story. He is offering you for free a trading system that is supposedly based on trading signals from hundreds of signal providers. His software choses the best trades and that is what is supposed to make it winning.

OK, enough of fairy tales, let’s prove that it is just another scam. First he says that he is showing you “verified” binary options trading results, but on his page you can just see a table with trades, in his video you can see some fake statements, but no verification whatsoever. He is not showing a single losing trade, which is impossible in the real world.

Secondly look at the testimonials. The photos are stolen mainly from Fletchers Solicitors. So another fake.

Cassy says that he is going to give you the Binary Millionaire software for free, but as always you will have to open a binary options account with a broker (Interactiveoption at this time) and deposit money. That will earn him an affiliate commission, and that is the only purpose of his website.

You can make money with binary options, but certainly not $3966 in your first day as Binary Millionaire promises. You have to learn first and never rely on these scam offers with automated trading systems.


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  1. i am still shocked i almost put money on one of their new videos called members mob i think it new she is talking to simon. whom apparently have been working in a shop. mxm crooks. thanks guys for alerting us.

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