SCAM ALERT: Binrobot Lady review

This review is a warning, don’t trade binary options with Binrobot Lady, it’s a scam!

According to the presentation, Binrobot Lady is a robot for trading binary options that can either trade for you automatically, or just generate trading signals.

Either way trading is allegedly profitable with this program, profits are even guaranteed.

And guess what, Binrobot Lady is free, so you can make money for free and for doing nothing. Isn’t that great? Well, not so fast.

Binrobot Lady scam

Binrobot Lady Abi is unfortunately just one of many scams that are abusing binary options. It is a fake robot that is lying about its results.

It is based on the White label robot, which is a software that anybody can buy, put a new name on it and scam people with it.

Look at the picture to see a few examples of other binary options scam robots that use this exact same platform, like Option Robot, Raptor Robot or Aram Binary Options.

The most dangerous thing about this robot is that it has a fake demo. The demo fakes results, so whe you test the Binrobot Lady, you will see profits coming in very quickly. But they are fake, because the software does not use real prices on the demo.

And if you don’t see through this dirty trick on time and you let the robot trade with your real money, you will lose it, because real trading price obviously cannot be faked.

How it really works

The real purpose of Binrobot Lady is pretty simple. People who run it are affiliated with some brokers that pay them for referring new depositors. This is how they make money, they need you to deposit and let the robot trade, that will make them earn their affiliate commission.

But as we said earlier, if you do it, the robot will lose your money, because it cannot trade profitably.


Binrobot Lady is a scam that uses a demo that fakes results to fool you and make you think that it could work with real money, but it can’t.

You can check it on a free demo account with a regulated broker and compare the results. You can also use the demo to build your own strategy to make real money in binary options trading.

Forget about free robots, they simply don’t work.

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