Scam alert: Coffee Cash Cheat by Sean Willows

This review is about the binary options scam called „Coffee Cash Cheat“. It is presented by Sean Willows. This system is supposed to trade binary options on coffee.

What is the Coffee Cash Cheat about

Willows says that the system trades binary options on coffee and makes more than 200 trades per day in average. It is supposed to make you $5000 per 6 minutes per day, with no experience needed, it works on autopilot. And it is of course free.

Coffee Cash Cheat is a scam

Coffee Cash Cheat and Sean WillowsAs always the first thing to think about is a system that will make you millionaire for free. When you hear this, you can be sure that it is a scam. Especially when somebody says that it is “impossible to fail”, like Willows does.

And consider this. Willows says he made $84.5 million in the last 8 years, but when he shows his accounts, he now has $42.7 million in a Paypal account, $24.6 million in a Bank of America account and $19 million in a Chase account. This is a total of $86.3 million. So the conclusion is clear, these statements are faked. Not to mention the fake testimonials with paid actors.

paypalBut really, just think about it, do you think that anybody would hold $42 million in a Paypal account? Paypal is not a bank! Moreover look at the Paypal statement, there is the Coffee Cash Cheat text alongside withdrawals, which is a nonsense, withdrawals are not connected to sources of earnings, so this is a proof that the statements are fake.

Easy Wealth Creator

Update: Now the Coffee Cash Cheat is being also promoted under the name Easy Wealth Creator.


The Coffee Cash Cheat is just one of the many binary options scams. The purpose of these scams is to make you open a binary options account and deposit money into it, because it will earn affiliate commissions to creators of these scams. If you then trade your account with the Coffee Cash Cheat, you will lose your deposit.

If you are really interested in making money with binary options, start learning, testing on a free demo and building your strategy for manual trading. After all those years of trading we believe this is the only way to be profitable.

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