Scam alert: Copy the Pro by Brad Christian

This review is a warning about the binary options scam called „Copy the Pro“ by Brad Christian.

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The story

Brad ChristianBrad Christian pretends to be a Wall Street trader who has a very successful binary options trading system.

He makes it available through the Copy the Pro system which allows users to mirror Christian’s trades on their accounts.

Traders are allegedly making thousands of dollars with the Copy the Pro system.

The Scam

Copy the Pro is a scam and Brad Christian is not a Wall Street trader. Just look carefully at the video, you’ll see that all the shots are computer made, the offices are not real. The presentation is just a movie with paid actors, the story is not real.

Try to google something about Brad Christian from Wall Street, you’ll find nothing to prove his existence, although he is supposed to be a famous trader.

Jason White  Copy the Pro  Wall Street

Then there are fake testimonials. Photos of traders and customers are public photos from databases like Shutterstock. So again, fake stories.

Then you have all the fake security seals and misused logos of TVs and exchanges. Seals are home-made and Christian certainly does not have the right to use the famous logos.


The Truth

First thing you’ll have to do is to deposit money…

Do you want to know what is Copy the pro about? Christian is a binary options affiliate that makes money with every new trader referred to his broker.

That is why you will first have to open a binary options trading account and deposit money, if you join his group. His trading system will then trade your account and lose all your money.

So stay away from Copy the Pro. If you are serious about making money with binary options, which is perfectly possible, start learning on a demo, testing and building your own profitable approach.

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