Scam alert: Global Profits system on binary options by Mark Silver

In this article we are going to review a binary options scam called “Global Profits”, it is presented by Mark Silver. From Wall Street? No, really not.

What it is about

Global Profits web siteMark Silver pretends to have developed a binary options trading app that can take advantage of the current financial situation on the markets. He says that Global Profits can take advantage of governments mishandling their finances.

In other words Global Profits is supposed to anticipate panic on markets and short sell before everybody else. It is supposed to make money on crises like the one in Greece, China, UK or USA.

Why is Global Profits a scam

Fake testimonials.

Global Profits is just a slightly changed story about the same thing that we see with every scam out there. They always say: We have a winning system that will make you tons of money and we will give it to you for free, but you must hurry up!

When you hear this, you can be 99,99 % sure that it is a scam, simply because there is no free big money in this world.

Because the reality of these so called free binary options trading system is that you will first have to deposit money into a trading account and then the system will trade with it. So you will be risking and losing your own money.

But it is always good to provide some proofs, so just look at the fake testimonials, photos of traders are bought from a public database, so these testimonials are not real.


People behind Global Profits are making money with every new client they send to their broker, this the reason behind their scam story.

Although binary options are easier to understand than stocks or commodities, it is still trading that you first have to learn, if you want to make money. There are risk involved, you can make money, but you can also lose, it is investing.

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