Scam alert – Glory Trader on binary options

This review is about a new binary options scam called “Glory Trader”. It is presented by Philip Michaels.

Michaels claim to by an ex-employee of a big bank who created a piece of software designed to trade binary options. It is called the Glory Trader.

Based on raw data it supposedly is able to predict price movements very accurately, so people using it have already made one billion dollars in total. Now you can profit from Glory Trader too, for free.

Michaels even says that if you don’t earn at least $2000, he’ll pay you $500 from his own pocket. It is because he believes that is impossible not to make money. But he urges you to act fast, because there are only 15 free spots.

Glory Trader is a scam

The reality is that Philip Michaels is a fictitious character and Glory Trader is a scam. The only purpose of it is to make you open a trading account with their broker and deposit money, because it will earn them an affiliate commission. If you then let their app trade your account, you will lose your money.

Fake testimonials

ReviewsIn the video you can see some testimonials from people who claim to be making money with Glory Trader, but they all are fake, these people are paid actors.

And photos of users have been taken from all over the internet. Like the one on the right, the guy on the photo does not even know that he has been abused by Glory Trader.

Fake company

TestimonialsNot only Micheals does not exist, but even his company is fake. So forget about the guarantee, if you lose money with Glory Trader, nobody will refund you anything whatsoever.

Look at the alleged management of the company, photos have again been taken from various sources all over the internet.

Glory Trader app

Glory Trader AppAnd finally the Glory Trader app itself. It is a very well known app used by binary options scammers.

Each time they just change colors and the logo. We’ve recently seen it used by the Tauribot scam for example.

So Glory Trader is just another scam made by people who create scams on a daily basis.


Glory Trader is a binary options scam designed to make you lose your money, so stay away.

Binary trading works in a different way. If you want to make money with binary options, you first have to start on a demo, learn trading and build a profitable strategy. Only then you can start trading with real money.

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