Scam alert: Power Profit Platform on binary options

In this review we are going to explain that the “Power Profit Platform” is a binary options scam. It is presented by George Serriton.

What is it about

Januari? Really?
Januari? Really?

Serriton made a video presentation in which he says that he has found a way to make money on binary options. He says that with the help of a friend that works for a broker he created an app that can nullify up to 8 losing trades a day.

According to Serriton the broker does not care if losing trades are nullified, he is just opposed to turning losing trades into winners. This way you can allegedly be making up to $2,500 per day completely on auto pilot.

Why is Power Profit Platform a scam

George Serriton
Photo taken from Pinterest.

First of all the whole story is a complete nonsense. Cheating the system and nullifying losses? A broker that does not care?

Serriton made up this completely, but even if it was true, it would be illegal.

Now some more tangible proofs. Look carefully at his bank account and Paypal statements. Don’t you see anything strange?

The first month of the year is Januari? It is obvious these statements have been faked and the person who did it obviously does not know English very well.

The favourite platform of scammers, compare with Centument of Medallionaire.
The favourite platform of scammers, compare with Centument and Medallionaire.

And what about Mr. George Serriton, who is he? A fictitious person, his photo was taken from Pinterest.

And finally the Power Profit Platform does not exist, they just rebranded the platform that scammers often use, just look at Centument or Medallionaire, it is the same, only the logo and colors are different.


Power Profit Platform is just another scam sponging on binary options. In order to use it you will have to deposit $250 at least. If you then trade with their system, you will lose your deposit, end of story.

Binary options are a great trading tool that you can make money with it, but never start trading with real money, first try a free demo and build a profitable strategy, this is how binary trading really works. First testing and tuning a strategy, then trading live with profits.

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