Scam alert: SearchingProfits, CollectingProfits and other clones

Today we are going to review a truly international scam, it has several different names like “SearchingProfits” or “CollectingProfits”. It is supposed to be a binary options trading system that should give you very accurate trading signals.

There are a lot of signs that it is in fact a scam and not a working system, but the best proof is the way it is being promoted in different countries. Because the story is always the same: A single mom made 7650 euros (dollars, whatever) on the internet trading binary options.

This way it is promoted in a lot of countries like the UK, Australia or Italy. But the problem that each time the names are different and moms are different. But the system is obviously the same, graphics are the same or very similar.

So the same fake story is used over and over again in different countries and different languages. A supposed CareerJournal (Giornale Lavoro, whatever) is doing an interview with the concerned mom. Faces and names change, but the scam is the same.

So depending on the country and language you can find this system under the name of SearchingProfits, CollectingProfits, ProfitOnline, OptieAdvies or for example AutopizioniBinarie.

Just look at the following images, you’ll see the same story, the same system, the same numbers, but different faces and different names depending on the language. So beware of it. If you trade binary options with SearchingProfits or CollectingProfits signals, you will very likely lose your money.

There is no free money, binary options trading will make you money for free. Binary options are similar to forex, stock or commodities. They are easier to understand, you can make money with them, but you first have to learn to trade, nobody will do it for you. Learning on a free demo is a good way to start.

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