Scam alert: Simple Profits on binary options

In this review we are going to prove that the “Simple Profits” project on binary options is a scam.

What it is about

Simple ProfitsIn the presentation video of Simple Profits you hear that you will get access to a trading app that uses underground tricks used by elite traders on Wall Street. It supposedly can make you tens of thousands dollars per day.

You are shown a demonstration video where the system risks about 50 % (!) of the trading capital on each trade.

Why is Simple Profits a scam

There is a lot of things that prove that Simple Profits is a scam. We can start with the security seals and badges. Fore example the “BBB accredited business” – we have verified with the Better Business Bureau and it is not accredited, Simple Profits has no rights to use the BBB badge.

Then we can continue with the fake counter of available spots. Just reload the Simple Profits web page and you’ll see that the counter will be full again.

Fake screenshots.

Another proof of scam are the fake screenshots of articles in the New York Times and BBC. These articles do not exist, we have checked it, images presented on the web site are fake.

The reality is that we are dealing here with a standard binary options scam. People behind Simple Profits are affiliated with brokers and will get paid for every new trader they can bring in. So they need you to open a trading account and deposit money, because it will earn them a commission.

If you then trade with their system, you will lose your deposit, you will lose your money.


Simple Profits is a typical scam that abuses binary options. Never trust any trading system that you cannot try on a free demo first without depositing money. Binary options are a legit trading instrument that you can make money with, but you have to first learn and build a profitable strategy.

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