Scam alert: The Global Millionaires Club of Alexander Wilson

Global Millionaires Club web siteThis review is about a new binary options scam called the “Global Millionaires Club” or the “UK Millionaires Club”, it is presented by Alexander Wilson.

Wilson claims that he is a Professor of Statistics and Mathematics and that he discovered a so called deviation that allows his app to predict price movements because it sees datas a fraction of a second before others do.

Wilson guarantees that you will make money using his Global Millionaires Club app, it will trade your binary options account on autopilot. His app supposedly has a 92.8 % accuracy and will make you hundreds of thousands of pounds per month. You can get his app for free, he will just take a 5 % commission on your earnings.

The Global Millionaires Club is a scam

A professor selling his photos?
A professor selling his photos?

The Global Millionaires Club is unfortunately just another binary options scam. First of all the explanation of Wilson makes no sense, because on binary options the minimum expiration time of a trade will be 60 seconds most of the time, so seeing some datas a fraction of a second before others do is no real advantage.

Secondly this Professor Alexander Wilson does not exist, his photo comes from a public database and you won’t find any professor of Mathematics and Statistics with this name and face, we made the research.

Then there are the usual lies used by scammers such as: the system is free. No, it is not, because you won’t get access to it until you deposit $250 at least with Wilson’s broker. So you will have to invest your money upwards and risk it.

Wilson says that if you join his UK Millionaires Club, you will get a bonus with your deposit that you could withdraw any time. It is a lie, bonuses can be withdrawn only after a certain amount of trades, until then losses are deducted directly from your deposit.

So where is the guarantee?
So where is the guarantee?

Last but not least, Wilson offers a personal guarantee that you will make money. But who is Wilson, where to join him in case you have complaints or need to claim this guarantee? There is no address, no phone number, no real contact information.

And to be absolutely sure, just read the UK Millionaires Club disclaimer, it says: “NO REPRESENTATION IS BEING MADE THAN ANY ACCOUNT WILL OR IS LIKELY TO ACHIEVE PROFIT OR LOSSES SIMILAR TO THOSE SHOWN.” So the video is just a big fat lie.

The truth

Wilson is an affiliate that makes money by referring people to brokers, that’s the only purpose of his fake story about the Global Millionaires Club. If you use his app, you will lose your money.

Binary options are a perfectly legit trading tool that can be used to make money, but you first have to learn trading. You can see on a free demo account if it is something that you could succeed in.

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