Scam alert with proofs: The Fast Cash Biz on binary options

Today we are going to review a brand new binary options scam called the “Fast Cash Biz“. It is presented on the web site by Madison Clark and David Graham.

What is it about

Fast Cash Biz web siteClark and Graham made a video presentation that is pretty impressive. You see them driving a Bentley, flying with a private jet, showing millions on bank accounts etc. They say that they made 55 million dollars in 3 years with their binary options trading system.

And as it is usual with scams they say that they will give you access to their system for free with 24/7 support. Someone almost begging you to let him make you money for free – that should always be a big warning sign.

The whole story of the Fast Cash Biz is just a movie with paid actors, the system is a big fat scam.

All the bank accounts and trading accounts statements are fake. Testimonials with people like Mary Wright or Darren Alexander making money with are fake to.

The proof

Scam testimonial
Back to the future?

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of scams on binary options and published a lot of reviews about them on our web site. With the Fast Cash Biz we see a typical scam pattern and a lot of details that prove it. But we won’t disclose all our methods for identifying scams, this time one big proof will be more than enough.

So how can we know for sure that it is a scam? When Clark and Graham are sitting in the private jet, Clark says that she is going to show us her trading account to persuade us that they are really making money.

But when you look at her trading account, you see binary options trades opened and closed on September 24th, 2015. But the problem is that today’s date is September 23rd, 2015! Just look at the image, this is a 100 % proof that they made it all up. You can be sure that on the 24th the currency rates will be very different from what they show in their video. They prepared all their fake statements in advance.


The FastCashBiz is a scam that abuses binary options. Clark and Graham promise you free millions, but they are liars.

No free automatic trading system will make you money. If you really want to make money with binary options, you have to learn, test and then trade yourself. Start with a free demo and see.

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68 thoughts on “Scam alert with proofs: The Fast Cash Biz on binary options

  1. Let you all know how this scam works as been there with Protected Profits and Broker Banc De Binary. Same program, same back office and no push button. They play one against other about knowing nothing about program you joined thru and tell you to contact them. So started trading on my own and within 48 hours Protected Profit which would not answer emails and broker denys having anything to do with let alone knowing them said was a 3rd party and they got into my account as same login details [smell a rat] used all my balance up on multiple trades made in the same second for the same trade designed to loose the lot at once which they did. When complained to broker money was gone they said I authourised Protect Profits [Identical to Fast Cash Bot] to trade on my behalf [Now they knew who they were!] . Its all organised from the brokers as a sales page to get you into the traders site as sales page is owned by the trading companies and they use them as excuse to steal money and the people you talk to on the phone get a kick back bonus as they are in on it [Always Asian me speak no good English, I not understand mentality] also as ever so helpful until this is done then no they cannot help, contact office now they not reply.
    Also when I deposited deposit I used wrong card as first one was declined no money so used other card. First card never been used since issued from bank and it was used for fraud from Banc De Binary for hotel accommodation in usa and within a month my other card got used for fraud for online shopping and more usa hotels for 1000`s. By the time I was finished with serious fraud squad here in New Zealand the broker is no longer allowed to trade in New Zealand or Australia yet what got me was the bank knew it was them yet the credit card firms still allow them to operate with credit cards knowing they are defrauding every which way possible on these cards and into swiping the account balances plus them owning these fake videos and NO-ONE CARES. I have totally lost faith in the banking system for allowing this and im not going to exempt VISA & MASTERCARD that I believe ARE THE OWNERS OF THE BROKER SITES AND OWN THESE FAKE VIDEOS. I believe its them that have started defrauding the world with their own money system as to date Banc De Binary still take credit cards and card company knows they are fake as UK man delt with them over $66k in court at same time as me and his was different again as they helped themselves to his money from his card without permission as used word manipulation on phone call as a yes to take money from card without permission. BE WARNED TRIED 3 OTHER COMPANIES AND ALL WERE FRAUD Yet again all took creditcards and still do [WORLD WAKE UP ITS THE CARD COMPANIES & BANKS RUNNING THESE COMPANIES]

  2. I have also been scammed by Glenridge Capital and they have also ignored the documents I’ve sent confirming my account and ignored my request for a full refund. Please DO NOT invest with this “company” as you will only have your funds disappear into a black hole, never to return.

  3. I get quite a few Emails from these guys every day..None of which ever pans out to make a Comission! is a Fake location on the internet ..STEER CLEAR OF THESE GUYS..RIP OFFS

  4. Checkout this.

    It is the Domain information for these alleged scammers.

    Whois is a tool that checks publicly available information on domain names from the domain registrars, it appears to be well hidden. It is hidden by a company registered in Panama, I recon that says a lot about the legitimacy of the organisation

  5. Just to check “Madison Clark” and “David Graham” out, I signed up with,.. Even though, in my gut, the whole “Grand Picture” was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! When I considered these individuals” who played out being the owners of the company,.. something told me that they had NO CLUE about what it is REALLY LIKE to be “Conservative Financial Investors,” let alone AFFLUENT amidst living in a mansion. It was OBVIOUS that they were DREAMERS parading around flashing an overnight success amidst the “permissions” that they attained to rent a flashy expensive car, a lier jet and someone’s estate. The whole picture failed to connect with their true Vibrations in identity. The other two individuals who played the down and out “Cheezey lozers” WREAKED of being part of the scam. They scammy verbal language and body language told me that the four of them were up to something, .. thinking that they could play off the ad, to scam off hundreds of desperate people.

    THEN!! Last night, a got a phone call from a supposed broker for these clowns DEMANDING TO KNOW WHY I HADN’T MADE MY $250 DEPOSIT?? The tone of voice of the caller WREAKED OF BEING A SCAMMER! I told the person that I hadn’t done enough research on the company and that I didn’t have my $250 at hand and when i was ready, I would him. They guy hung up in a HEART BEAT!



  6. I am registrerat i november2015.can not take my Money back one…….broker OPTIONRALLY. Idiotiska .says if i can put any Money..more also…not bonus.not anwer not…not……..trött……………SKAM

  7. Hello folks I just signed up for and did a $250 deposit on Jan 3rd 2016 on their redirected broker. I will update everyone on how thing go with

    1. Good luck on FastCash Biz! I funded it just before the new year and have not found any way to reach them. I should have done my research. This appears to be a big scam. I will be surprised if it isn’t. I threw away $250 that I could not afford to lose. I wish I could find them and they were standing right in front of me right now.

  8. Thanks, I’d like to know about “Option Valley”. The guy that called said that i deposit minimum USD200. However, when i called my credit card company i found out that “Option Valley withdrew nearly FJD800 from my account.

    Will lodge a complaint to the credit card company to retrieve my funds back.

  9. Hi ..

    I was lured in by a slick video from Robert Allen promoting his Cash Code System ..
    In order to get access to the software you have to open an account with Porter Finance
    in the UK and fund it .. Once funding was verified I was directed to another website to down load
    some trading software, but the “program” was called something else .. I stopped at that point and
    decided to check the “withdrawal” process from the approved broker ie Porter Finance and realized they
    were asking for very detailed pieces of personal financial info that I’m not willing to give anyone ..
    Thus .. I’ve mentally written off my deposit at this point as lost to these ‘scammers’ ..
    They also “share” your info with other binary option promoters because the very next day
    I had an e-mail from the people “inviting” me to join their automated binary
    options trading bot ( doesn’t exist in my opinion ) and saw the very convincing video by
    Madison Clark and David Graham ..

    In any event .. don’t fall for this scam ..
    I think it’s really just a giant “phishing operation” for the following reasons

    1) You must fund an account using a credit/debit card whose details they now have
    2) Your account is generally with an unregistered “broker” in a foreign country
    3) You have to install/download software ( could be loaded with malware ) on your PC
    4) The broker requires ID such as utility bills, credit card info, passport info etc just to get
    a refund or make a withdrawal

    So, in the end you have no trading software ( that works as promoted in the videos )
    possible malware on your computer, and detailed personal financial info in the hands of
    people you don’t know and a minimum $250.00 deposit that will prove to be impossible to recover ..

  10. I had opened an account with FastCash for $250. Cherry Trade was the name given to me. I have not sent my proof of identity but I also have not heard from CherryTrade. So I tried again but this time Glenridge came up , asking me for more money with 70% rate of return in 8 weeks. I am confused. I put in $1000 with them. They wanted another $1500 with matching amount and I told them I have no money. How can I get my money back?

      1. FAST CASH BIZ means your cash will disappear extremely fast into a black hole. You can kiss it good-bye forever.
        Been there done that !

  11. I have had nothing but Problems with fastcash .biz and glenridge capital. A man named Jeff Gerald called my cell phone. I had put 500.00 into the account and sent in all my documentation as Glenridge requires for my proof of identity. I have made nothing . Now Jeff is telling me that they do not work with Fastcash .biz and that he knows nothing about the system being automated. I get email after email wanting me to still open up accounts. I get NO help . It has to be a Scam . A big scam and I see a lot of hard working people including me are losing money to these kind of people. How do they get away with this crap. Why is the federal goverment not yet going after them . I even tried multiple ways of trying to contact Madeson Clark and David Graham the two people in the impressive video. It was impossible. all lies and a big Scam

  12. So much that has been written is the same that I have experienced. All the emails– from so many different noreply emails. Say to click on link to access software, verify commissions/checks/upgraded software, special gifts, etc., etc. I guess they have to keep busy to legally appear legitimate. I’ve been scolded by Madison for not replying. Oh yes, and “they’ve tried to call me, but to no avail”, and threatening me to close my account or distribute all the money coming to me in a pool. It’s so insane. I’m suspecting a collaboration with their “special brokers.” I’ve connected with two of them–, and GlenRidge, and they both “suggest” I deal with them directly. I asked the latter about their relationship with Biz, and he said they need each other—hum, and have been told Biz is not what it seems. Oh, and the support states there’s no autobot–that they wouldn’t think of trading for us, that it’s our choice. I’m a Christian and I know about ill-gotten gain, and I know the future of unrepentant thieves/deceivers–it ain’t too pretty, and eternity is a verrrry long time. That little bit of money and the things it buys can’t compare to my future. I’m going to try to get my money back, but if I don’t I won’t cry over it. I’m a new widow and can ill afford it, but the good Lord will take good care of me. I hope for the best for everyone out there who has been shammed. All good fortune.

  13. Thank you for saving me $250 by not registering with fat cash , watchdog almost had me convinced it was the real deal glad I checked further into them once again thanks to you all.

  14. . . . .
    He reported them to the FBI ~ I hope they catch up with them and put a stop to this! It’s terrible. People are in desperate straights to make money. We need real people creating real Brokerage help so that we might gain money. I’m so sad about this, because it actually gave me hope, I’m so thankful for the reviews. BELOW is part of what someone above wrote ~

    ‘Page are basically just a rental for office space, that anyone could do. I haven’t been able to get a hold of this company yet on the phone, but they do have an answering machine. The ‘support staff’ at or their other email address: won’t give you any company details or their names, so I found out what I could from their email IP address. I have reported them to the FBI and agencies around the world, as well as contacted their ISP to get them banned. Sorry guys, this is another example of web vermin on the Internet.’

  15. I joined fast cash through glenridge capital. made a deposit. then started getting emails from fast cash or
    dot com I do not remember which. But the way the email was worded made me look, at it more closely
    even though it said madison clark. Somewhere I read that their site had been hacked. All the emails taken
    So I requested my deposit back from the broker. They were asking for documentation forms, color ID
    Somewhere on the page at glenridge it says if you have not traded you can get your deposit back
    I copied that and sent it to them. Go into your account at the brokers and make a withdrawal request
    send them a email while in the system making the request with the date and your time.
    I got my deposit back. At first someone deleted the request, I made another one using the same method
    and sent an email through my normal email stating I did not cancel the deposit
    Because in the US now we have to have regulated broker as of 9/15 we are getting scammy brokers
    the software may be good it is the brokers.

  16. I am so glad I can across this website, it saved me 250.00 I was going to do the thing so glad I didn’t.

    1. I also signed up with fastcashbiz and I was contacted by titan trade. I paid them 250, and 1 of there agents phoned me and wanted another 250 to qualify for the bonus.I tried it but not working. but what I want ta say I contacted my bank and to fill in some forms and got all my money back.

  17. I saw the fastcash video just a little while ago and was going to deposit 250.00 and before I hit the deposit button Glenridge Capital called me on the phone( Thank God) because I started asking a lot of questions and I found out that video was bogus and that you have to ask for the bonus and with only 250.00 he wont recomended it and that you can’t pull your money out until you have win and loss total 15000.00 and all this is taking place in London the whole thing is fishy. and he said with the 250 investment you might make 150 or5 200 in two weeks if you don’t loose it. Then fastcash called me and I asked for there web site and he said it was Bloombex/ I haven’t tried it but I’m curious to do so , what I have come to is don’t do it, I’m just glad he called before I pressed the deposit button. I just saved me 250.00

  18. What you guys need to know is BinaryOptionsWatchdog (owned by Micheal Freeman) and Kieth at Options XE are paid up to $10,000 to remove negative comments so traffic continues to flow through the software, those guys ask you to click on there link because they then also get paid affiliate commission of $400 per deposit into the broker of each software, a lot of the positive comments you read are paid for off Fiver, don’t you find it strange how every single software tested generates profit for these guys but nothing for everyone else! the more they get you to trust them the more likely you are to click their link, none of these guys make money from trading they make it from the desperation of others.

  19. I was checking into fastcash. biz and I got to the Glenridge thing and I don’t remember giving any information on it. It said that the site was temporarily down. And then I think the next day I got a phone call from a representative of Glenridge. He asked for me by name and he said that he noticed that I was interested in opening an account with them. I thought that it seemed fishy so I played smart (I hope) and said yeah that I was just needing questions answered. …He said what questions. ..well the conversation started out pretty professional sounding but then when I asked for him to verify the $250 amount that’s when it got really messed up…..The guy was trying to talk me into investing $1600 after mentioning the possibility of loss… messed up is that!!! ? Anyways I pretty much just hung up on the guy….lol….I’m still not sure about it. …but it seems like an awfully big scam with quite a few people involved. ..I’m interested in stocks and trading and stuff like that but I’m not sure that is the right place for me to learn more. I have a basic understanding of how that works and I have a plan and no one is going to try to convince me to invest more than I want to. ….I wish everyone good luck and I’m glad to have found this site and to read these comments. Thanks. …

  20. Thank to god that i didn t have enough money cz i feet trust with this software 1st time although my country was blocked i used a fake ip to registre in fastcashbiz then i rotate from country to country to find eu regulated i found 10trade eu regulated(australia ip if i remember) and intend to invest once i ve money all that because the Dog that were watching to bit people this time , now i figured out that it was all fake comments by watchdog ,

    conclusion : so 24option is the best just forget a person or robot trade in ur place you ve to learn.

  21. Hi!
    My name is Ajay and I am from India, Can I register to
    If yes how can I register.

    1. Hi, Fast Cash Biz is a scam so I really don’t recommend it. But if you want to lose money, ask them how to register.

    2. Nobody home there. I’ve tried to get their
      phone number for 3 weeks. Their emaIL says you have bonus and another one will say you have large amount of money..
      Their algorithms lose more times than hit.

  22. suspect true,tried to sign up got sent to at least 5 different brokers in uk,,trying to cancel out is nightmare,,block them,,all promos go to login,

    1. Sure, that is why they had to fake their account statements and why everybody else is having problems with them, read the article and this discussion.

  23. I signed up with Fast Cash Biz on Sunday 11, 2015 and opened up an account with one of their recommended brokers. I deposited $250.00 into the recommended broker. I thought everything’s set to start with Fast Cash Biz. I can log in and log out of the Fast Cash Biz Members Area, but the following message is coming up everytime I log into the Fast Cash Biz Members Area:

    “Please try again later

    No open trades at the Moment”

    I don’t see any Auto trading Buttons. I contacted I received an answer with about 8 hours. They told me to clear the brower history and Cookies. I did that still no Auto trading Buttons available. I changed the brower I’m on Internet Explorer and changed it to Chrome. Still no Auto trading Buttons available. After 5 responded emails with, they told me to rest assured as they would Forward my issue to the Technical Department that was on Wednesday 14, 2015 meanwhile I’ve been flooded with spam-mails from Fast cash biz that my account has been activated. YET, still no Auto trading Buttons available. I wrote back to that after waiting for almost 24 hours I still don’t have Access to the fast cash memebers area.

    This is very strange as all the comments by watchdog are quite good about fast cash biz. Even Option X tested this fast cash biz for a week and was surprised how well it went. It Looks like the is just giving you the run around and string you along. Facit: For me it’s not working!!!

    1. Since Fast Cash Biz have an affiliate program, some people are willing to publish fake reviews and recommend them just to make money…

      1. Oh thanks! I didn’t know that. So all the positive comments on watchdog are fake reviews then? And what about some of those videos about Fash Cash Biz like Option X, he is giving a good/decent review too on this software saying that they were testing it for a week and it was even 90% ITM (which honestly sounds a bit fishy to me). So, they are all in cahoots with each other then, I suppose. How SAD and MISERABLE!!!…………………………………………………P.S: Watchdog is kind of phoney too.

        1. Anybody talking about 90 % ITM is lying, they are probably affiliates too. 90 % winning ratio is impossible in the long run.

    2. Hi Emily,

      I’ve invested a log of money at different broker’s I was sent to by fast cash. They tell me I’m not registered properly and I know I am. I have registered about a million times. I can’t get anyone for fake emails. I would just like to know how you got into cause it will not allow me too and they say I am a member of fast cash. Please let me know if you will. My Adresses is: My name is Janet. I have fell for this from the get go and I can’t believe it is a SCAM! But I do now after reading all these replies from all these different people. It is a shame that the internet would allow folks like this on the internet, after learning it is a BIG HUGH SCAM, This is HORRIBLE! I am sooo upset and mad I could SCREAM. This makes me sick! Please email me how you got into fast cash, I’d like to know and view the site. Thanks, for your help and info. And thank you too everyone else too. Regards, Janet

      1. I have tried for three wks to gt into the system with no success..I was assigned to OptionKing broker in London was put on hold for 42 min. only to get a long winded sales pitch to invest with this slime ball not Fastcash. Still haven,t gotten my money back… he doesn.t take my calls. Beware! Debby

  24. OH…and they tell you they will match your funded amount deposited into your account! NEVER HAPPENED!!!

  25. I tried this just because it was’t a huge investment! The infomercial is a TOTAL LIE! They make it look like it takes two seconds to “fund your broker”. What they don’t tell you is that your broker (Compliance Department) requires a lot of paperwork before you are allowed to start trading.

    Then the infomercial makes it look like, after you’re funded, all you have to do is click something and the money automatically starts pouring into your account! They don’t tell you that you need to know how to do binary trading and the Fast Cash website does not educate you at all. And forget about Customer Service…there is none!!!

    Once again, if it sounds too good to be true…IT IS!!!

  26. After reading a blog suggesting it, I signed up for and I can confirm that I am $250 down and this is a TOTAL SCAM. You should put this at the top of the page, so everyone sees it. The ‘broker’ (MasterOption) they assigned me has phone numbers in three countries that do not work and an email they never respond to. The software ‘broke’ while the signup process was happening and then, I was to be logged out within 60 minutes and have no account access ever again! When I contact, they say I have to contact the broker for a refund, who I cannot contact because their contact details are bogus! I called my credit card company who told me they have to give you your money back within the cooling off period, which they are totally delaying through, so they don’t have to give me anything back! When you contact the support email:, they basically just give you the run around.The terms and conditions page reports an address that is in a different country USA from what customer support says it is UK and their offices address in the T&C Page are basically just a rental for office space, that anyone could do. I haven’t been able to get a hold of this company yet on the phone, but they do have an answering machine. The ‘support staff’ at or their other email address: won’t give you any company details or their names, so I found out what I could from their email IP address. I have reported them to the FBI and agencies around the world, as well as contacted their ISP to get them banned. Sorry guys, this is another example of web vermin on the Internet.

  27. Hi folks and thank you for posts about fastcash!
    It is strange that is writing in favor for fastcash, really surprising! does not show any of my critical messages about golddigger , either. I have only bad experiences of golddigger 45-50% ITM 83 trades 41 OTM 42 ITM. I could say about golddigger exactly the same as this somus person is saying about fastcash:
    (no autotrading, The software forces you to follow the signal and trade manually. Real BS!! )

    ” somus says:
    October 9, 2015 at 6:35 am

    I just sign up with FastCashBiz. I don’t see any auto trading button in their software. I e-mail customer service and ask them why no auto trading button? The software force you to follow the signal and trade manually. Real BS!!”

    What do people know about these ?

    1. Hello Markku,
      Watchdog is a scam and a liar and gets paid to post comments that are positive ONLY to lure innocent people into the trap, and comments are negative from people like you and me, watchdog twists them to make them positive using your name, he did that using my name for Cash Camp which is a scam of the highest order just like Gold Digger, Dow Equinox, Google Trader etc. Bottomline is; tread carefully and trade on your own, learn and find reliable signals, a good one is Mike’s group on Facebook, all genuine, fully manual and goof traders there.

  28. hey guys, i signed up to fastchash as well 2 weeks ago, part of my motive to sign up was the good reviews to got on watchdog. anyway i deposit my $250, but from the beginning it has not been working, no autotrade, nog winning signals, no support. My conclusion: SCAM!!

  29. Hello, I registered Fastcash using broker 10trade.
    It is not automatic . I just did 2 trades last night starting around 19h( gmt ) expire 23h30 . AUD/NZD ( call ) and AUD/JPY(put). I checked the chart before opening the position,,, I checked the chart , seems good…. but I lost 2 trades.
    So the Fastcash signals are not too bad but you have to check yourself before opening the position.
    This is anyhow very important.
    So maybe do not need Fastcash if you can check the chart yourself.
    I tried others system ( Gold digger, Google trader, Fast cash ) all are not too bad but I lost anyway because I did not check the chart….. so my conclusion is to check my self!! and learn how to trade and make my own strategy.
    thanks to read.

  30. I found another one.

    When the ‘beta testers’ receive their checks, it is dates august 22th. But in the first video when they set up an account for one of them, the date is september 25th when they zoom into the account balance.

    This is a really big scam. What bother me the most is that it is recomended by Keith from Option XE.

    Regards to all.

  31. Hi John Novak, Thanks for your review. Its an interesting read which surprises me considering WatchDog recommends it. Ive read all the comments from other people here and Im astounded. I thought it was the real deal as watchdogs blog was certain it was. Now my apprehension and wisdom says to stick with BO Trading in Australia with Aussie Brokers and learn it myself so thats what I’m going to do. Oh well No loss, its essential to maintain a positive future vision. Good luck everyone and thanks John.

    1. Where did you see watchdog state its legitimate no where did I find them stating that they stated at this time they do not have enough info to claim they are a scam but all there evidence points to they are but they will give it sometime to be able to state that they are positive its a scam with the proper prof .

  32. Nordia, I too was directed to Glenridge Capital when signing up and it would not let me put in $250 dollars. It said something about having to put in $500 dollars to be able to open account. Or something like that. So, being that I am out of a job right now, I decided to go through the WHOLE process all over again. This time it directed me to use which, when I did my research, did not read good reviews online about them. Oh, and each time I signed up, I would immediately get a phone call from the brokers with accents so heavy I could barely understand them. I asked the first broker (Glenridge) why it wouldn’t let me just put in $250 like it said on the website, and he told me that I needed to at least put in $300. At least I think that’s what he said. Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to go any further with this, it just doesn’t feel right, know what I mean? Also, now I’m getting emails like CRAZY from them.

  33. In the process of registration with FastCashBiz, the “last step” is setting up an account [minimum deposit of $250.00] with “one” of the brokers Madison’s family has traded with for many years. Glenridge Capital based in the United Kingdom is the only company mentioned in any of the articles I have found, so one does not find credible evidence of the existence of others. When the Glenridge website required a minimum initial deposit of $500 instead of the $250-minimum indicated by Madison Clark and David Graham, I felt that slippery slope in motion. That was all the warning I needed. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice… no, no, no… never mind… once will suffice.

  34. I just sign up with FastCashBiz. I don’t see any auto trading button in their software. I e-mail customer service and ask them why no auto trading button? The software force you to follow the signal and trade manually. Real BS!!

  35. I signed up with Fashcashbiz on Monday October 5, and I did not get access to their software yet. I was routed to Glenridge Capital and I made my deposit of $250 there but when I asked Glenridge Capital why I did not get access to the fastcashbiz they told me that fastcash was a third party company to them and they have no way of getting in touch with them to find out why I did not get the access to the software as promise. Does anyone else had this problem with Fastcash? Also I cannot get in touch with fastcash customer service at all. I tried sending messages via email but none of that works. Does anyone has a customer care service number for Fastcash or a working email address please let me know.


    1. The same thing happened to me on October 15. After I made my deposit no one has contacted me as they said they would and every time I call Glenridge Capital I am told some one will call me back, but they never do.
      I think we have been scammed.


      1. Once you’ve made your deposit into Glenridge Capital and/or Fast Cash please treat it as your money has fallen into black hole and don’t ever expect any refund until your next life (if any).
        Sincerely Yours,
        Pete D. a victim of this scam.

    2. Not that it will help much but I have corresponded with the support team through these email addresses, and The login to the members area site for their software is the email address and password you used to register is your login. Do yourself a favor. Go back to your broker and close your account. software is a rip off. Believe me I speak from experience

  36. hi guys, i tried to reach fash team, they wiont give proper responce for my self, really its workng..guys, please tell me..

  37. Thanks alot for this information, but pls how best can some one really learn this strategy and actualy profitably trade for himself. The whole bi ary options stuff is becoming fustrating. I ve tried 2 trade price action strategy on forex binary options but to no avail. What strategy actually works and how can some 1 learn this? I need help pls. Thanks.

  38. Thx for the advice on Fastcash,i would like to know about Mike Auto Trade, is it a scam too.

    1. every time i got dis type of errors

      You currently do not have access to the Members Area. To enable your account and gain full access to Wealthy Affiliate, please upgrade to Premium membership by clicking the button below

  39. Thanks for the heads up.I am bombarded by emails from these people everyday.I am convinced that it is a scam because when I reply to their emails ,my emails go nowhere .it bounces back to me .A dead giveaway that this is a SCAM..BEWARE!!!!!

  40. Hi Thanks for the review, i watched the video and thought that it sounded like one of those scammy schemes, there have been enough of these scammers around on the internet that people should know by now not to fall for the BS.
    I think people just need to take the time to research online to see what other people say about these schemes, especially binary stuff.
    Anyway thanks again for your review, it just reconfirmed what i thought after watching the video.

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