Scam alert: XTP App on binary options

Today we are going to review a new binary options scam called the “XTP App”.

What is the XTP App

According to the presentation the XTP App is a binary options trading system that will tell you when to enter trades in order to make money. So it is not fully automated, you have to click the trades.

There is no explanation about the strategy that the XTP App is based on, how it was created or any other information of this kind. You are just supposed to believe that it works.

Why is the XTP App a scam

The guy from the XTP App starts his presentation by saying how many binary scam are out there and that you should not believe them. It seems that it is becoming the new scam scheme, scammers are pointing their fingers at other scammers meanwhile they are trying to get you into their own scam.

The dates do not match.

This is exactly the case of the XTP App. It is an obvious scam. There are many strange things in the presentation, like the commentary about winning trades, while the expiration rate suggest a losing trade, moreover you cannot see the closed trades anywhere. It is a strong hint that it is a scam.

But there is one big tangible proof, while faking their live trading, they forgot to synchronise the dates, just look at the image, trades are supposed to be taken on 25/11/2015, but on the top you see the date 21/10/2015.

Plus look at the time of expiry 17:10. It stays the same after the expiry of the first trade, which of course is a nonsense. If the first trade expired at 17:10, it means that the time after is past 17:10 and the following trades have to have a later expiry, they cannot expire in the past.


The XTP App is just an ordinary scam that does exactly what it warns about at the beginning of the presentation. If you join them, you will have to open a binary options trading account with their broker and deposit money into it. If you then trade according to the XTP signals, you will lose your money.

So we’ll say it again, don’t believe these binary options trading systems that promise you free money, they are scam. The only proven way to binary options profits leads through learning, testing and trading your own strategy.

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