SCAM COMEDY: Millionaire Methods review

In this review we explain why the Millionaire Methods / Day Job Killer of Ryan Dennis is a total scam that you should avoid.

What it is supposed to be about

Ryan Dennis from Millionaire MethodsMillionaire Methods is supposed to show you the methods of online millionaires, so that you can make money from home.

You will receive training, guides, resources and bonuses. This should help you make thousands of dollars.

Day Job Killer costs $47, so is it worth it? Absolutely not, it’s a scam!

Millionaire Methods scam

Although Millionaire Methods is not about binary options, we quickly saw that it was a scam that uses the same tricks as binary option scams.

Dennis is trying to make you believe that in a few clicks you can get a website that will get thousands of visitors and start generate you money within minutes. This is a total lie.

While you can setup a website relatively quickly, in order to monetize it, you have to register as a reseller or as a publisher that accepts ads. This take some time, but it still is the easy part.

The hardest part with a website is to get visitors. Believe us, it is impossible to build a website and get organic traffic within 15 minutes. It usually takes at least 24 hours for a website just to get indexed by search engines! After it gets indexed, it still can take days, weeks or even months before you get first visitors.

So the whole Millionaire Methods demonstration is a just a movie with paid actors and a fictitious story. But there are more tangible proofs that it is a scam.

Fake testimonials

ReviewAfter you sign up for this program you will be shown a few reviews. People are endorsing the program in short videos. But all these testimonials are fake.

They were shot with paid actors that have never made a single cent with Millionaire Methods. Check our picture to see a proof, this guy is a Fiverr actor that sells fake testimonials for five dollars.

Scammers admit

Earnings DisclaimerHere comes the funny part, Millionaire Methods is really a scam comedy.

Because when you look at their earning disclaimer, you will find statements such as: “You will most likely not succeed and could potentially lose money in trying to make any money at all.”

Or: “Statements or examples of actual earnings on this website that are attributed to a specified individual or business may not be true.”

As you can see, people who run Millionaire Methods admit that they are trying to scam you. If it was not a scam, it would be so funny…


Millionaire Methods is a total scam that admits that it is a scam, just read the earnings disclaimer. Stay away from it!

Don’t think anybody will make you money for you for free. This applies to binary options trading too. People who want to make money in trading should start on a free demo and learn and test until they have a profitable strategy.

Until you have a proven strategy, it makes no sense to invest real money.

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