SCAM: Crypto Solution review

Crypto Solution official webThis review is about the Crypto Solution investment scam, that is going to collapse and lose money.

According to its website, Crypto Solution LTD is a team of professional traders that is using a trading robot to make money.

It allegedly trades on exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex and Bitstamp. The alleged profitability of the robot allows investment plans that offer up to 5% daily on your investment, which means 150% per month.

So, is this a genuine opportunity?

Crypto Solution scam

Investment plans are unrealLet’s start with the basics, 150% per month is an extremely high number, especially when Crypto Solution is adding 5% of your referrals deposits within the affiliate program. The company wouldn’t do that for free, so their total returns would have to be in the region of 300% per month.

And it is simply impossible to achieve these numbers in any legit business activity, crypto trading is not an exception. You can be lucky and make 150% in month, but you certainly won’t do that every month.

So, the numbers are a clear indication that something is wrong with Crypto Solution.

Fake company

The company is not regulatedCrypto Solution has an About Us page. On that webpage you will find an edited stock photo, the Crypto Solution logo has been added to it, see our image. So, it clearly is a fake.

The company is allegedly based in New York, but we have every reason to believe that the address is fake too.

The important thing is that Crypto Solution is providing investment services, which of course is a regulated activity in the US. But Crypto Solution is not regulated, it has no license to provide financial services, so it is operating illegally.

How it really works

Crypto Solution is an obvious Ponzi Scheme. It means that it is using new deposits to pay the profits to older clients. There is no real business activity going on behind, no trading, it’s just a financial game.

As you can guess, such a game is doomed to fail. Either it will collapse when there are more withdrawals than deposits, or when owners simply decide to run away with all the money.

This is why they accept deposits in cryptocurrencies only, they want to remain anonymous and the transaction to be irreversible.


Crypto Solution is a scam, a Ponzi scheme that is going to fail. Stay away from it!

If you want to try genuine cryptocurrency trading, do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You will see that it is possible to make money, but also that you have a lot to learn and that you need a good strategy.

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