STAY AWAY from the Crypto Trend Rider SCAM – review

CryptoTrendRider official websiteIn this review we explain why you should not trust Crypto Trend Rider to make you money. It is presented by Roger Pierce.

Crypto Trend Rider is supposed to be the number 1 cryptocurrency investors trading solution. The presentation claims that this solution is able to predict all the trends, so that you are always on the right side of crypto markets.

This way you allegedly can profit not only when cryptocurrencies rise, but also when they decline. To get access to Crypto Trend rider you have to pay either $49 monthly or $297 yearly.

So, is it worth it?

Crypto Trend Rider scam

Any time you hear someone saying that they will sell you a “top secret trading software”, you are very probably facing a scam. And this precisely what you can hear in the Crypto Trend Rider video.

Any time you hear someone saying that their software can pick markets’ top and bottoms to always place you on the right side of the markets, you are facing a scam, it is absolutely certain. Nobody can predict all the trends and markets’ tops and bottoms. Yet Crypto Trend Rider claims it can.

There are many more statements of this kind in the Crypto Trend Rider video, but to put it short, it is full of BS.

Roger Pierce

Roger Pierce is a scammerRoger Pierce claims to be the creator of Crypto Trend Rider, but who is Roger Pierce? He also says that he used to work for J.P. Morgan, but where are proofs? Maybe a LinkedIn profile? Contact information? In which country is he based?

There is nothing. In fact, Roger Pierce is a fictitious character, this guy simply does not exist. At least not as a former J.P. Morgan employee who is now a successful trader.

Illegal investment service

We have to repeat it in almost every review, when somebody or a software tells you when and what to trade, it is investment advice, which is an activity that is regulated, it requires a licence.

But as we explained, Roger Pierce is a fictitious character, there is no licence, therefore Crypto Trend Rider is an illegal investment service. If you doubt it, we encourage you to check it with the national financial regulator in your country.

Auto Binary Signals

Auto Binary Signals linkThe best proof that Crypto Trend Rider is a scam is in the link to Auto Binary Signals. Auto Binary Signals is one of the oldest binary options scams and Pierce admits that he is behind both projects.

And he is bragging about how much he made in selling his scam software. This is getting really ridiculous.

How it really works

Crypto Trend Rider has a money back guarantee. But selling crap through Clickbank count on people who will not claim their money back even if they won’t make any money with Crypto Trend Trider.

This is how these scams work, you sell crap to a lot of people, but only some will put effort into getting their back and the difference will be scammers’ profit. Not to mention upsells like Exchange Arbitrage and Automated Trading Solution that you will be pushed to buy after purchasing Crypto Trend Rider. They will try to get as much money from you as they can.


Crypto Trend Rider is a new scam from an old scammer, it certainly won’t deliver what it promises. Stay away from it!

Forget about becoming a millionaire for $47 per month, it is a nonsense. If you want to try crypto trading, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you will see what the possibilities and risks are, then you can make an educated decision.

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