SCAM OR NOT? Free Crypto Secret review

Free Crypto Secret reviewIn this review we have a look at Free Crypto Secret that is supposed to make you money with cryptocurrencies. It is presented by Ryan Williams.

Williams says that he discovered a special opportunity to make money with cryptocurrencies that are free. Cryptos can gain in value quickly, so he claims you need little to no money to have the opportunity to become rich.

He will explain you how to do it for $17.99. Is the Free Crypto Secret worth it?


There are two aspects to Free Crypto Secret. The first concerns free cryptocurrencies. Yes, you can get some cryptocurrencies for free via airdrops, BUT… there is always a but, right?

There are two kinds of airdrops. The first one is when the whole distribution of a given crypto is free. These cryptos are of course worth nothing, they are distributed as free and over time they rarely increase in value.

The second kind of airdrop is when you get a crypto for free when you promote it or do something for the community (bounty program) and the rest is sold by the company via an ICO. But the amount you can get via an airdrop is always very small and it will equal to a few dollars at most.

The second problem of Free Crypto Secret is that it is kind of living in the past. Yes, last year cryptos gained thousands of percent, but this year they are going down since January and have lost most of last year’s gains.

The bottom line is that it is possible to make money with cryptocurrencies, but don’t expect a $18 guide promoted with spam to help you.


We don’t believe Free Crypto Secret can help you to make money, free cryptos are free for a good reason, most often there is no real value and will never be.

To make money in with cryptos, you have to do your own research and choose carefully tokens that have a great potential for the future. You can try trading risk free on a demo account.

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  1. Thanks for a very frank report. Bottom line is with any trading, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Great review

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