Scam report: The Private Society by George Taylor

Today we are going to review a new binary options scam called „The Private Society“, it is presented by George Taylor.

What is The Private Society about

The story of this scam project is pretty simple. George Taylors claims to have an automated binary options trading system that can make you Millionaire within two months. His big promise is to give you $12,000 from his pocket upfront. He does not even try to explain how could he get such a piece of trading software or why would he give it away for free.

The scam

The Private Society Scam ProofThe first thing you’ll soon notice is that that Taylor won’t give you any money. He makes up a story telling that normally he rents his software for $12,000 per year and as he is willing to waive this fee for you, it is supposed to be your reward. So you won’t get any cash whatsoever. On the contrary, you will have to open a binary options trading account and deposit your money into it.

The reality is that The Private Society is not a winning trading software, all the statements are faked. Just look at the picture, it shows a statement with $12,000 returns on investments with a broker called Options Area. But the maximum investment into a trade with this broker is $5000, so you could never get anything above $10,000 in return. This is the proof that The Private Society is a scam abusing binary options.


The truth is simple. George Taylor is a binary options affiliate who will earn money for each new trader he refers to his broker. That is why he made up this Private Society story, you can make him money. If you then let his software trade your account, you will lose your deposit.

Trading binary options can make you money, but you have to first learn and trade yourself. No software will make you money for free.

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