Scam review: BinaryProfitSystem

In this review we are going to have a look at a binary options scam called the “BinaryProfitSystem”. It has an anonymous presentation.

What is Binary Profit System about

In the video presentation you can hear that the Binary Profit System is a robot that can trade binary options with a 81.6 % success rate.

In order to increase this success rate they need more testers. This way they will get more statistics to work with. This is why BinaryProfitSystem 2016 is free for you and everybody else.

It allegedly can make you over $200,000 in 90 days.

Why is the BinaryProfitSystem a scam

First of all there is the usual lie that it is free. People in the video say that you have nothing to lose. But is not true.

A known scammer, check Gold Trade Microsystem.

You won’t get access to the BinaryProfitSystem until you open a binary options trading account and deposit $250 at least. So you will be risking your money, in fact you will also lose it, if you trade with their app.

The truth is that people behind this scam are affiliated with brokers and will get paid for every new person they can refer. This is the only purpose of their story full of lies.

Want to see a proof? The guy on the picture who is recommending this system and saying how much he has made with it is a well known scammer that recently played the role of the fake Cambridge Professor Justin Hudson in Gold Trade Microsystem.


If you want to see how binary options really work and how you can make money with them, try a free demo account. Start trading with real money only if you are able to trade profitably on a demo.

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