Scam review: Greg Insider Method and Legal Insider Bot

Greg Insider MethodToday we are going to review a scam called “Greg Insider Method” and “Legal Insider Bot”, they are both the same and presented by Greg Marks.

This binary options robot is presented on at least two different web sites and Marks claims that it will make you a lot of money. He says that it is guaranteed, that he has an agreement with brokers, and should you have any losses, you will get a refund.

Your money is supposedly insured against losses, the risk is on Marks.

Big fat scam

We made a research about Greg Marks and his robot and we concluded that is just a scam as many others. First of all a hedge fund manager called Greg Marks does not exist. On his web site his abusing logos, like the one of the Better Business Bureau. Greg Insider Method, Legal Insider Bot nor Greg Marks are not accredited with the BBB, you can verify it yourself.

Fake counter
Fake counter

So we have a fictitious identity here. It is confirmed by the fact that he does not provide any real contact information, no address or phone number. So he is hiding his real identity. So where would you claim your guarantee if you don’t know who is providing it?

Then you have this fake counter of licenses left. Just reload the page and it will again be full at 69 each time you do it. This is another proof of scam.

You should also ask yourself how can they have an affiliate program and pay $500 to affiliates for referring people to the Greg Insider Method and Legal Insider Bot?

TestimonialsThe answer is simple, they really do have agreements with brokers, but affiliate agreements, so Marks (or whatever his name is) will get paid for every new trader that he brings to his brokers. This is why he made up his story about a great binary options robot.

The reality is that after joining you will have to open a binary options trading account with his broker and deposit at least $250 of your own money. The robot will then trade your account and lose your money.

By the way, one of the pages that promotes this bot is But if you look at the root domain page, you will see one of the most famous scammers called George, that has been promoting scams only.


Greg Insider Method and Legal Insider Bot are abusing binary options and scamming people. Binary options are a great trading tool and easy to understand, they can make you money. But like with any investment tool you have to first test on a demo account without risking your money, build a profitable strategy and trade it yourself, this is how you can make money with binary options.

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