Scam review: Home Online Earners

In this article we are going to review a brand new binary options scam called “Home Online Earners”. It is presented by Nathan Wilson.

What it is about

Home Online Earners web site
How can they have such a generous affiliate program?

Wilson claims that the Home Online Earners Trading Software can make you $400 – $4500 per day. It is an automated binary options trading app that is supposed to do all the work for you, it will open trades and make you money.

Nathan Wilson claims to be a Harvard graduate who is an expert in coding. He wants to sell his software later in 2015 and that is why he is looking for beta testers and testimonials. He will of course give you his Home Online Earners Trading Software for free.

Just a scam

There are strange things in his presentation and you can ask yourself questions right away.

  • Why would he need beta testers, if he tested his software already in 2014 with beta testers and had great results?
  • How can the “Home Online Earners Trading Software” have awards such as “Software awards 2014” and “Top profit system 2014”, if the software was not public in 2014? Only 5 beta testers tried it that year.
Home Online Earners proof of scam
Fake awards and fake testimonials.

The answers are pretty simple, all these testimonials and awards are of course fake. A quick search and we found the same faces on another binary options scam. The awards are just images leading nowhere. Wilson says everything has been verified, but he gives no proofs, you cannot verify any of his claims.

Another proof of scam is that they have an affiliate program paying you for referring people to Home Online Earners. How could they pay you $250 per person referredto a free beta testing program? Again, the answer is simple, because it is a scam.

Home Online Earners is not a profitable binary options trading software. It is just a big fat lie designed to persuade you to open a trading account and deposit money into it. Because that will earn Wilson affiliate commissions. This is the only reason why he is doing it.

You can make money and be successful with binary options only if you learn to trade and trade yourself. There are no automated trading system that can do that for you.

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  1. You are right, why should he be looking for Beta testers now if he has done that in 2014 and even won an award.

    Thanks for your objective review of Home Online Earners.

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