Scam review: Insider Wealth Secret by David Taylor

Insider Wealth Secret scamToday we are going to quickly review a new scam called Insider Wealth Secret. It is a classic one, David Taylor promises you a software that will predict correctly price movements with an 88.7 % accuracy. This tool is of course supposed to help you trade binary options.

Taylor tells the usual joke of a limited amount of time and spots to test his software. Another usual lie is that his software is proven to generate results that have been verified by a third party. But he of course does not provide any verification reports whatsoever.

In his video about the Insider Wealth Secret David Taylor then performs a supposedly live call with a trader, but it is of course a paid actor. So it is a fake proof.

Let’s put it straight. Taylor is a binary options affiliate that earns money by referring people to binary options brokers. So he needs to push you to his broker. If you open an account and deposit money with him, David Taylor will make money.

Insider Wealth Secret is a scam. If you join this program, you will lose your money, so don’t do it. Nobody will trade binary options for you, you have to do it yourself, if you want to make money. All these free trading systems are the same, they are created for marketing purposes only.