Scam review: InstaCash and single mother Ashley on Career-Journal

InstaCash web siteToday we are going to review a binary options scam called „InstaCash“ that is presented by Career Journal (and Financial Echo).

A single mother called Ashley supposedly is making £7,650 per month using an automated binary options trading system. There is an interview with her, but Career Journal is a fake entity created with the only purpose to support the InstaCash scam.

We’ve seen this already, initially it was promoted under the names SearchingProfits and CollectingProfits, the story was exactly the same and it has many international versions.

Just look at the Career Journal (or Financial Echo) page, it looks like a real newspaper or magazine, but click on any link in the menu, they all lead to the sing up page for InstaCash. The same goes for articles in the right frame, they don’t exist, there are no links this time. The site is in fact empty. Comments are fake too.

So this scam has been just rebranded, but it is the same scheme that wants your money. They will first push you to open a binary options account with their broker and deposit money, which will earn them an affiliate commission, then their crappy software will trade your account and lose your deposit.

So don’t fall into this trap, InstaCash is just abusing binary options. Make no mistake, you can make money with binary options if you learn trading and build a profitable strategy. Binary options are a standard financial instrument. But unfortunately some people are abusing it.

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1 thought on “Scam review: InstaCash and single mother Ashley on Career-Journal

  1. AS a student of English language I have followed The original website of
    I must say that this presentation is astonishing good.
    Of course it is all pure scam, and the purpose is to cheat some naive People from Their Money.
    But very entertaining anyway.

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