Scam review – MarketsGear signal on binary options

Markets GearOne of our readers asked us to review “MarketsGear”, which is a signal service for binary options. Although it is not new, it is worth a look, because it is a scam.

According to the MarketsGear web site, their signals have a 80%+ accuracy. You can use them to trade binary options with no experience.

MarketsGear is allegedly a revolutionary system that has won many awards. It should have more than 7,000 users.

MarketsGear is a scam

The first thing you have to do is...
The first thing you have to do is…

The first thing that should be a warning for everybody are these badges and awards that you can see on the MarketsGear web site.

You cannot click them to learn more and see where they are from, so we must assume they are fake.

The second warning comes when you join this supposedly free service, because the first thing you have to do is to deposit your money with a broker of their choice.

So they don’t offer a free trial on a demo, you have to immediately risk your own money with something that you could not have tried risk free.

A well known scammer.
A well known scammer.

But the biggest proof that MarketsGear is a scam comes with the anonymous guy that is presenting this service in the video.

Because this guy is a known scammer, he played the role of Garry Cousier in the Gold Trader Microsystem scam or a happy user of the Magnetic Profit scam.

So if a scam supporter does the presentation of MarketsGear, it must be a scam.


MarketsGear wants you to invest money with the broker of their choice based on their signals. This is the typical characteristic of scams. So stay away.

Never invest your money in binary options with any system that you could not verify on a free demo first.

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