Scam review: Passive Profits of Nathan Birch

Passive Profits web siteToday we are going to review a binary options scam called “Passive Profits”, it is presented by Nathan Birch.

Birch claims to be a 19 years old guy who has a miraculous software that trades binary options with a minimum profit of $50,000 per month. All this passively, on autopilot, for free and you will never have to work again, he says.

How did Birch get the Passive Profits App? He has stolen it from his father computer. Birch says that he does not know how the software works, but it is making money. So now he is giving it away for free.

Passive Profits scam

We’re dealing here with the typical binary options scam scheme. A free piece of software that makes money on autopilot and costs absolutely nothing. Well, it seems that the world is saved, nobody will have to work from now on. How does it sound? Stupid, of course. Because it is a nonsense.

testimonialsHere is how it works. Birch is affiliated with binary options brokers, so he will get paid for every new trader that he refers. So he made up this story just to persuade you to open an account with his broker and deposit money into it. Yes, that’s right, you will have to invest your own money.

Then his crappy software will trade your account and lose your deposit. But Birch will get paid for referring you to his broker.

If you don’t believe in this explanation, then ask yourself how can Passive Profits have its own affiliate program and pay affiliates for bringing new people in? Where does the money come from?

Also try to reload the page and look at the counter of free slots…


The Passive Profits system is just an ordinary binary options scam that is aimed at your money, so stay away from it.

Nobody will make you money on binary options for free, the only way is to learn and trade yourself a robust strategy that you will test prove on a free demo. Learn, test and then trade, that’s how it really works with binary options.

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