Scam review: The Binary Boxer

Today we are going to review a new binary options scam called the „Binary Boxer“. It is presented by an ex-boxer called Sherman.

What it is about

the Binary BoxerSherman says he used to be professional boxer, but he was struggling to make money. Then one of his friends Travis told him about binary options. Sherman learned a strategy on a seminar in Singapore.

Sherman says that since then he makes more than $30.000 per month. And as usually with binary options scams, he is willing to give you his strategy Binary Boxer for free.

Why is the Binary Boxer a scam

There are a lot of proofs that Sherman is lying about himself, his trading and his results. There are also some hints, like the fake counter at the bottom of the page. Just reload the Binary Boxer web page and you will see that the counter will be back at the beginning.

fake results
Fake results…

Another typical trick is to say that normally the trading strategy cost $1999, but now you can exceptionally get it for free. Come back any time you want and you will see that it will always be free.

The most tangible proofs is in the supposed trading results. If you look carefully at the image, you will see that the payout amounts have been faked, just look at the graphics. But there is more. Because every trade is a win, the numbers make no sense.

There are several trades whit lower payout than the initial investment! For example the last trade, the investment is $250 and the payout is $100, which means that a winning trade would bring you a loss of $150. It is of course a nonsense, wining trades always mean profit.


The Binary Boxer is just another binary options scam. Sherman is a binary option affiliate that is going to make money with each new trader he refers to his broker, this is why he is doing this.

If you trade with the Binary Boxer, you will lose your deposit, you will lose your money. If you want to make money with binary options, start learning, testing on a free demo account and building your own strategy, it is the safest way to succeed.

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