Scam review: The Millionaire Bot on binary options

Millionaire bot web siteIn these review we are going to present proofs that show that the “Millionaire Bot” is a scam abusing binary options.

At the beginning of the Millionaire Bot video you are shown a lot of bank account statements with big sums of money. Then you are shown some supposedly live videos of traders who show how their trading accounts are growing thanks to the Millionaire Bot.

The person presenting the video says that you can make 13,425 dollars per day, 93,975 dollars per week, 402,750 dollar per month and 4 million dollar per year. For free, of course, because the system is supposedly free.

Why is the Millionaire Bot a scam

Bank statements
1 bank, 2 names, 3 accounts…

Unfortunately the whole video presentation is just a big lie. We are going to present two major proofs.

First of all the bank account statements shown in the video. On one of them you can see that the present date is lower than the date of last login to the account. This proves that the statement is a fake.

Moreover you have two different names on three accounts in the same bank and the same name has different balances. Extremely suspect, isn’t it?

Only the balance changes during 24 hours, everything else stays the same = fake.

Second proof. The first guy that uses his mobile phone to show you his trading account, how it is growing, first after one hour, then after five hours and finally after 24 hours. Look carefully at his video, you will see that only the balances change, the quote on the chart stays the same at 103.999. And the expiry of the offered binary option on the EUR/JPY also stays at 12:30.

This proves that the videos were shot at the same time, they just faked the balance between the shots to a higher level.

In fact, the Millionaire Bot is a typical scam. People behind it are affiliated with a binary options broker and will get paid for every new trader that joins their broker and deposits money. So you will be pushed to deposit money, it is not free.

Then you will let their system trade your account and it will lose your deposit. Sad but true.


The Millionaire Bot is just an ordinary scam that is trying to take advantage on binary options. But to make money on binary options you cannot rely on a third party software that you cannot test before investing your own money.

Profitable traders have built their own strategies. You can try it to and see how binary options work on a absolutely free demo.

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