Scam review with proofs: Centument on binary options

In this review we are going to prove that “Centument LTD” is a scam on binary options and that Gerald Reed is a scammer.

Centument LTD web site - Gerald ReedCentument and Reed try to impress you with a video presentation where you can see Reed driving a Lamborghini. He says that he used to work for big banks on Wall Street, but when he saw their greed getting bigger and bigger, he decided to leave.

Then he founded his own company called Centument LTD and started his new career in trading. With his programmers they put together a trading app called the Centument Assets Trading Software that supposedly can make you very rich.

Reed states that his app made a 4,800 % profit in one day of testing. According to him Bloomberg tested it with great success. Now you can get the app for free because Reed wants to rise the value of his company before an IPO.

Why is Centument a scam

There are a lot of proofs that Centument LTD is a scam and Reed a liar. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Fake articles

These media have never mentioned Centument LTD of Gerald Reed.
These media have never mentioned Centument LTD of Gerald Reed.

On the Centument web site you can see some quotes about Centument from famous newspapers and magazines like CNN Money, Bloomberg or Money. Even Reed mentions them in his video.

But they are totally fake, they do not exist, these media never mentioned this company, not only because Centument LTD of Gerald Reed simply does not exist.

We have verified it and you can do it too, just look at the screenshots of researches that we made on the concerned web sites.

Fake testimonials

Fake testimonials.

As with every scam you will find fake testimonials of supposedly successful people that are using the Centument trading app. The photos come from public databases, the stories are made up.

Reed also says that the results of his app are monitored and verified by an independent third party, but who is it? There is no information about it whatsoever.

Lies about the broker

wall-street-broker-centumentOn the Centument web site you will find a statement about the broker that you will have to open an account with.

It should be a reputable broker from Wall Street, but if you go through the sign up process, you will find that they are pushing you to Benedict Morris, which is an unregulated broker based on Commonwealth of Dominica.

And by the way, the Centument app is the same as used with a lot of scams that we reviewed on our web site, they just changed the logo and the background image, so it is definitely the same group of people that creates new scams every week.


We could go on and provide more proofs that Centument is a scam that abuses binary options. But we think that it is now better to explain how this scam works. Reed (or whatever his real name is) will get paid for every new trader that opens an account and deposits money with his broker Benedict Morris. So he just needs you to do that, because it will earn him money. If you do it, his app will then trade your account and lose your deposit.

It is sad how many scams are abusing binary options that are a legit trading instrument that you can really make money with. But it takes time and learning. You can see on a free demo account how it works and if you could build a profitable strategy. But never start trading with real money with something that you could not test before on a demo.

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9 thoughts on “Scam review with proofs: Centument on binary options

  1. It appears that the criticisms here are focused on the value of the software’s advertising, and not on the efficacy of the software’s methodology. Have you tested any of these systems and drawn a conclusion based on the results?

    1. We have tested some of them and we have a lot of feedback from other people about these systems. A lot of these scams are created by the same group of people, because the underlying trading app is the same.

  2. So many review sites giving this software a thumbs up. Hard to understand how they would profit from promoting a scam??

    1. Because it earns them affiliate commissions, these scams pays affiliates, sometimes directly, sometime through networks like Clicksure.

    2. And these YouTube scammers will usually receive their withdrawals which they post on YouTube which draws in a bunch of people who will lose their money.
      So many gullible people on YouTube who think they can trust “reviewers” like Louie (Trusted Binary Reviews) and Keith (Option Xpert).

  3. Good review. A lot of the scammers on You Tube are pushing this one hard saying it’s legit. Would like to see a review of XE Trader here (same guy has the Option Xpert You Tube channel and promotes a lot of crap).

  4. Most of the trading apps testing sites say that this is a legit software and they make a lot of money with it. Sometimes it’s difficult for a “normal” person to find a legit system. What do you prefer as a trading software? Thx.

    1. Hi, unfortunately all these systems “We’ll make you money for free, just sign up with our broker and deposit money” are scams. We’ve never seen a profitable trading system that would be making money for free. Profitable trading systems are very costly, when somebody is making you money, he wants to get paid, this is how this world works. So the best way to make money on binary options is to test on a demo until you build your own profitable strategy, and then go live.

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