Scam review with proofs: Drexel Code

Cory Drexel and Drexel CodeIn this review we are going to prove that the “Drexel Code” is a new binary options scam. It is presented by Cory Drexel.

Drexel claims to be an ex-trader who started a new company with other traders and programmers from Wall Street. Together they created the Drexel Code, which is a software that trades binary options.

According to Drexel their app never has losing trades, in the last three years it has had only winning trades. Now you can become a beta tester and get access to the Drexel Code for free.

Drexel Code is a disgusting scam

Brew CrewWe are dealing here with a typical scam scheme that is abusing binary options. All the people you can see in the Drexel Code video are paid actors, including the brew crew and Cory Drexel. A don’t forget the rented car, offices and house.

The authors of this scam are affiliated with some brokers and will get paid for every new depositor they can refer to them. This is the only purpose of this scam. Here are some proofs.

Fake account statements

AccountOne of the things that is supposed to convince you that the Drexel Code has great results is the trading account statements of previous beta testers. But they are all fake.

Here is one example. Look at the picture on the right, the two accounts screenshots have supposedly been taken at different times, they should belong to different people. But the ribbon with actual prices of stocks (see arrows) is exactly the same on both screenshots.

This means that both statements come from the same picture, they have been edited and faked.

Fake demo account

Trading AccountWhen Cory Drexel performs his so called live demonstration of trading with his app, you can see that it is a poor fake too.

Hi allegedly sets up a new trading account that day and after five hours his balance is over ten thousand dollars. But then he clicks on “My Account” to show you his history of withdrawals and the balance is suddenly over $300,000.

The name and the account number remain the same, look at the picture on the right. This again proves that it has been edited and faked.

Drexel Code app

Drexel Code AppAnd last but not least, the Drexel Code app is again the most used app by binary options scammers, we’ve seen it many times.

The latest examples of scams that used the same app are The Millionaires Club and Triana Soft, just look at the picture.

Lately scammers are not even bothering to change colours, they just change the logo.


In this review we have proved that Drexel Code is a scam. It is sponging on binary options.

If want to see how money can really be made with binary options, try a free demo account. You’ll see how you can build a profitable strategy in order to really succeed.

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  1. i really want to kick this corry drixel…not coz of his scam software but bcoz of his stupid add popping up on every click on my browser

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    1. I’m sorry but I think that Drexel Code authors won’t honour any request posted on our web site as we do not have anything in common.

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