In this review we prove that Hydra App is a binary options scam. It is presented by Abraham Epstein.

Epstein claims that he worked for Facebook and that he then developed the Hydra App. It is a software that trades binary options and it can allegedly make you over $5,000 per day.

And Hydra App is of course free, because money is by definition free, right?

Hydra App scam

The reality is that Hydra App is a scam that is made to lose your money in trading. Abraham Epstein is a scam artist, or rather a fictitious character played by a paid actor.

You just need to know some basics about binary options to know that Epstein is a liar. His biggest nonsense is that Hydra cannot fail, because it places a second trade in the opposite direction if it detects a potential problem with the first one.

But taking two opposite trades on the same asset means a guaranteed loss with binary options! Simply because returns are always lower than 100 %.

Fake testimonials

On the Hydra App website you can see some testimonials with people that are allegedly making money with this system. But they are all fake.

Generic photos from the Internet have been used and the stories and numbers are complete fiction. Look at the picture to see a proof.

Scam software

And finally here we have the Hydra App that is supposed to trade for you. It certainly is not a unique app, because we have seen many scams using the exact same software.

Take a look at the picture to see a few examples of other scams based on this same app, like Guaranteed Money System, Tera App and Fintech Profits.

So it is a well-known app and we hear from real users that it is losing money in real trading!

The truth

Now let us explain how Hydra App really works. After registering it will push you to deposit money with an unregulated broker.

The reason is that these scammers are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositing traders. That’s all.

This is why the software won’t be active until you deposit, scammers don’t want you to see the truth until they earn their commission.


Hydra App is a total scam that can only lose your money, so don’t use it!

If you want to try binary options to see how money can really be made in trading, open a free demo with a regulated broker.

On the demo you can learn everything you need about profitable trading.

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