Scam review with proofs: ProfitsUnlimited

ProfitsUnlimited AppIn this review we are going to prove that “ProfitsUnlimited” is a scam on binary options. It is presented by Larry Landers.

Landers says that he created a binary options trading app that can generate you thousands of dollars per day. This app is called ProfitsUnlimited and it allegedly can stop losing trades at the money and let run the winning trades.

According to Landers a few people can now get access to his app for free, he will even deposit $300 in their trading accounts so they can start immediately. He will take his $300 after they reach $1000 in profits.

Larry Landers

Larry LandersLanders is a very well known binary options scammer. Basically he is an actor willing to play the role of anybody as long as it makes him some money.

So he obviously does not hesitate a bit to play roles in scams and support them.

Lately we’ve seen him playing the main role with the Virtnext scam, see the image on the right.


TestimonialsAll the testimonials of Profits Unlimited have been made with paid actors and scammers, nothing is genuine.

Take the guy on the right as an example. He played roles in several binary options scam (for example Midas Touch), every time under a different name.

He is a well known scammer and his presence alone is a big warning.

Account statements

Back to the future.

In the video Landers shows some if his bank and trading account statements that are supposed to prove that ProfitsUnlimited is making him a lot of money.

But all the screenshots are fake, they have been manipulated.

Look at the example on the right, there is a date on the statement: February 26, 2016. But today’s date is February 24, 2016! So an obvious fake.

The truth about ProfitsUnlimited

DepositIn reality ProfitsUnlimited works like this: Landers will get paid for every new depositor that he can refer to his broker. So he needs you to open an account and deposit money with his broker, it makes him money.

If you do it and trade your money with the ProfitsUnlimited app, you will lose it. Simple as that.

Landers promises a $300 deposit, but he does not mention that it is a deposit bonus that you will never be able to withdraw, because his app will lose your deposit of at least $250 that you will have to make first.


ProfitsUnlimited is a scam which is abusing binary options. If you invest money with this system, you will lose it.

Binary options trading works differently. If you really want to make money, you have to learn trading and build a profitable strategy, you can do so on a freed demo account. You should always train on a demo before you start trading with real money.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’m tired of losing my hard earned money on these scams. Your research is very valuable to all of us.

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