Scam review with proofs: Virtnext on binary options

Virtnext presentationIn this review we are going to prove that “Virtnext” on binary options is a scam like many others. Virtnext is supposed to be a trading software that will allow you to make a lot of money on autopilot.

The presentation says that Virtnext has had only one losing day out of 1478 trading days in the last 4 years. It should mainly invest in the stock markets. One of the founders of the Virtnext Investments Ltd. company is supposedly a Vincent Bollore who is a billionaire.

Why is Virtnext a binary options scam

Because we got a lot of questions about Virtnext, we thoroughly investigated about every aspect of this system. And here are the proofs that it is a scam.

    1. The presentation says that trading results of Virtnext are “checked by accountants and lawyers and submittted to Securities authority of the United States and Japan’s Stock Exchanges.”
      This is a lie. We have not found any verified results by lawyers and we have checked databases and web sites of the Securities Commission Exchange (SEC), National Futures Association (NFA), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and there is absolutely nothing about Virtnext, you can check yourself.


    1. We investigated about the company Virtnext Investments Ltd., but again, we have found nothing, only reviews of this scam on binary options. By the way, if Virtnext is a real company, why don’t they provide any contact information, address, phone numbers, etc.? The answer is simple, it is because this company does not exist.


    1. The guy in the video presentation speaks about an IPO that was suspended a year ago and is about to go ahead now. But again, we have researched about the IPO of Virtnext and found nothing.


    1. Vincent Bollore is a billionaire that exists, but he has nothing to do with Virtnext.


    1. Virtnext is supposed to trade stock markets, but in fact it trades just binary options. Bragging with “fast computers” is worth nothing on binary options, because you always have a predetermined expiry that you cannot shorten, so super fast computers won’t help you.


Real testimonial.
    1. Real testimonials. A quick look under the Virtnext’s video on YouTube shows a comment of a guy that lost money with Virtnext.


    1. Only one losing day out of 1478 is literally impossible, it is a big lie. Ask any professional trader and you’ll see.


  1. Virtnext is endorsed by web sites that are known for publishing false reviews and promoting scams, like Binary Options Watch Dog. Unfortunately there are many web sites within the binary options industry that publish fake reviews and put their affiliate links into them to make money by recommending scams.


Virtnext is a binary options scam. And how does it work? People behind it are affiliated with brokers and will make money for every new trader they bring to their brokers. So you will be required to open a trading account and deposit money into it. Virtnext will then send you signals or trade your account directly and lose your deposit.

So again, stop looking for automated systems that will make you money for free, they do not exist!!! Traders can make money on binary options only if they educate themselves, build a profitable strategy and trade manually. You can try it on a free demo.

And a quick note for US traders, there is only one binary options broker that can legally offer binary options in the US, and it is Nadex. In the EU there are a lot of regulated brokers, but in the US there is only one. So any trading offer or system that pushes US traders to brokers that are not regulated in the USA, is not legit.

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34 thoughts on “Scam review with proofs: Virtnext on binary options

  1. This is my personal experience.
    Wish to alert you all on the “virtnext” auto-trading software scam. After sign-up, you will have access
    to the trading login site and main site for a short trading period, then you will not be able to access anymore.
    Your deposited funds with their brokers in there are as good as gone. There are also some binaryoptions review sites with the moderators promoting “virtnext”. These moderators will also not reply to your queries, complaints or comments to them about “virtnext”. They only reply to those enquirers showing interest in using “vertnext” to pull in more scam victims.**

  2. HI ALL
    It hard in this world when you think that all is ok when you trust sites like watch dog and put your money in only to fined out the watch dog is in on the scam as well iv lost over 30k believing the crap they tell me even if there is a good one out there now when they call i tell them to give me money and if its as good as they promise ill give them double back funny not one will take up the offer lol they all scammers realy pissed off

  3. I did think Binary Option Robot was a scam myself initially. However, if you examine their site carefully you will see that they do publish the performance of their signal providers quite transparently. There are no inflated results there, and when their signal providers perform poorly they do not conceal it.

  4. Virtnext, Citidel Ltd, Mike’s Autotrader and many others are autotrading scams created and promoted by Michael Freeman. He didn’t just start doing this but has been promoting scam signals and brokers for years.
    Michael Freeman is actually not his real name and he is based in Israel.

    He promotes his scams via:
    1) His own network of sites that include:

    2) His massive Youtube channel

    3) Affiliates he recruits on the Clicksure network which is a very popular affiliate network used to promote binary options autotrader scams.

    One of the techniques that is used is to flood the search engines and Youtube with fake positive reviews that include the word “Scam”. So if you search for “Virnext Scam”, 99% of the reviews that are returned are going to be positive. Negative comments are not posted or edited and changed to positive and many fake positive comments are posted also.

    If you don’t want to get scammed it is best to go for a subscription type signal service and preferably one that offers a free or low cost trial and does not require you to make a broker deposit. Then you can use the trial period to test the signals on a demo account before risking your hard earned cash.

    1. I´m sorry but I had to remove your domain because you cannot call it an honest review site when you are promoting scams like Binary Option Robot.

      1. The only thing is that you have to be logged in to see the results. Can you provide me with an email address. I don’t want to appear to be promoting through these comments if that’s what you think I’m doing.

        1. There is no need, I made a test at the end of last year and no matter the strategy, the result was always a loss. So they promise profits, but in reality you get losses, as with every scam. See the Binary Option Robot results:

          1. I still don’t believe that the Binary Option Robot is a scam in the true sense. I think it is a transparent product that has mixed results. However, if it is the public opinion that this is a nefarious product I will remove it from my site. I am most definitely not running a site that promotes scams.

  5. Hi I just wanted to tell you guys a heartfelt thank you… i have been reading all the reviews on this Virtnext, and this is the only one i have seen that has anything negative to say… and is not suspiciously / deceptively pushing the product. I was literally going to open an account , had talked myself into it, to give it a try… Thank goodness i spotted you !! Thank You !! needless to say am not opening account and will be visiting the babypips site mentioned in one of the replies posted… the old saying still rings true… ‘If its too good to be true… then it really IS…

  6. Hello Admin,
    I agree 100% that the only broker to use is NADEX. If directed to another broker (typically offshore), you are likely being set up for a scam. My question is, do you know of any reputable and proven ‘signal service’ anywhere for binary options trading?



    THAT WAS AT THE END OF DECEMBER 2015. I CONTACTED HIM IN THE NEW YEAR- JANUARY 2016 AND GUESS WHAT- the email bounced back. I have emailed the one who encouraged me to fund my account, no response from him either. It is not even possible to ‘submit’ the live-chat form- so damn frustrating.
    I tried withdrawing the rest of my money, but it was not processed, no one contacted me when I completed the withdrawal form for 3 days. I got worried and started to trade myself, but of course being a newbie and knowing nothing about strategies for trading etc. I of course lost all my deposit, which is painful, but I;d rather that than getting no response from the brokers, not knowing what they were up to. Of course all my deposit has gone back to them, I guess, but I am at peace, knowing that I have nothing to do with them anymore.

  8. Virtnext I lost my deposit in 4 hours 4 wins out of 21 trades…I posted my whole story on Watch dog they did not post it…So Thankful for this website They said send money again and we will put you on full automatic trading because I did not know enough about trading that’s why I lost the money But I was on auto when I lost the money …Ha!Ha!

    1. Hi, RB Options is not regulated, personally I recommend to trade with regulated brokers only.

  9. I kept looking for a broker that would work with them other than BinaryBrokerz (which is not regulated) and could not find. That’s where I sensed that something is not ok.

  10. Thanks guys for this information about Virtnext. I was nearly tempted to open an account with them.

  11. Hi Admin,

    Just want to warn traders: Never Ever work wit Titan trade – COMPLETE scammer broker !!
    Worst scenario: Virtnext + Titan trade – OTM over 80%

    Would appreciate if you give a review on “Professional Binary Robot” by Binary Professor George S.
    Their support has admitted that actors have been used…. Is it enough to say the trading bot is a scam??

  12. Virtnext is really a scam. The broker allocated to me is decent – 24 option plus many reviews, including binaryoptionswatchdog and those in youtube, are positive and hence I decided to give it a try. But sadly it wiped off all my deposit. The otm % is almost 80%! Please don’t be fooled.

    This is the only genuine review that I have seen so far. Deeply appreciate and please continue to be so.

    Btw I have a query. Even Michael Freeman, a well know binary option trader, highly recommend Virtnext. Is he trustable? And does his mikeautotrader work well? Please advise. And thanks.

      1. Just as I expected! Thanks.

        There is really no free lunch. Oh maybe not… For the scammers only! Pathetic!

  13. What surprises me also is that I have sent my complaints to binaryoptionswatchdog but they neither respond nor publish them. They seem to be responding only to positive comments. Now I suspect that as signals people are paid for the client’s they bring to the brokers, watch dogs in general are also probably paid to to publish “goodies” about brokers and signal providers.

    1. Daniel, those positive comments on BOWD are all fake, edited or added by the Web administration, there is nobody that is making any money consistently from auto trading software, it’s never been done and most likely will never be achieved.

  14. Hello good people. I deposited $600 into the virtnext account and like I said earlier, TitanTrade was automatically chosen by the software as my broker. I opened 3 trades and the software opened more positions and I lost almost $200. I wanted to withdraw but the software makes no provision for withdrawals. I contacted them by email and they said I must contact the broker which I did. 3 surprises. My funds do not appear in my account with TitanTrade. The extremely aggressive account manager at titantrade trade insists that I must deposit more funds into the account if I want to be assisted. What worries me most is that he tells me that I can never make money with the software. So strange.

  15. I signed up with VirtNext after seeing a good review on I started with $500. It is almost a year since I have traded using these kinds of software. I have tried many signals and lost tons of money-Autobinary Signals, Binary Matrix Pro, Binary International Signals, Binary Cash Creator, Franco’s signals, and many more. Franco’s was the only one with some good signals, but I was n’t comfortable with 30 and 60 second trades.

    With all the hype surrounding Virtnext, I thought it is a real software. I initially set it up for auto trading. When I saw 3 out of 5 losing trades, I turned it off and went for the manual trades. That was even worse. Once I had about 10 losing trades in a row. It gives calls and puts on the same pair within seconds. Finally I have lost the entire account. Now they are asking for another deposit and advertising something called arbitrage signals. My advise is to stay away…this is another bogus software. You may have occasional success, but ultimately you will lose. My success rate was n’t even 50%.

  16. I signed up with virtnext. I was directed to titantrade to open an account which i did. I deposited £1000 and looked at the virtnext software. Options are low (1 trade) Medium (3 trades) and high (5 trades). Minimum trade amount is £25.

    I set my risk to Medium (3 trades) at £25 per trade. I understand that to mean that no more than 3 trades will be open at any one time meaning my maximum exposure would be £75. Ok i accept that risk and turned the autotrader on and watch it closely. It started opening trades within seconds and at 1 stage opened 12 at 1 time. Medium risk? Yeah right. I turned the autotrader off and waited for the trades to close. In 90 minutes there were something like 16 trades, 11 losers and 5 winners. I don’t call it a scam because it cost me nothing but like the review says the people get money for getting new customers for brokers. Totally immoral. I think the signals they give are just guesses. I took the risk and my account was down to around £800. Lots of these binary review sites are the same people. Am email i got from virtnext had the address at the bottom. guess what, i put the address in to google and it came up as a burger king in Florida…..Laughable…..

  17. For a while I was sold on the Watch-dog site. But you mentioned that they are not legit. I’m very interested in learning how to make money on the Forex. Can you help point me in the right direction. I like what I read on your review site.
    You seem to be honest. How do I came to that conclusion?? By you putting down the Watch-dog site. Thanks for your time. Ioane Fetu.

  18. You are right – Virtnext is a scam – thieves! I am right at this moment starting a fraud claim against Virtnext. Hopefully your review will get passed on.

  19. I deposited $600 into virtnext trading platform and I was told i’ll be dealing with TitanTrade whose platform is used by virtnext. I tried using their software and I lost almost half the money. Which brokers and signal providers do you recommend?

  20. I think Mike F Kieth Louis and a few others on YouTube are all in on this scam i tried all those things they don’t work for me vertnext-dowjones-XTPApp-cashcamp all the same scam

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