Scam review: Zero Risk Binary App

Zero Risk Binary AppThis review is about a new binary options scam called “Zero Risk Binary App”. It has an anonymous presentation, you are never told who stands behind it.

The presentation starts as usual, they tell you everybody are scammers, only Zero Risk Binary App is not. When you hear something like this, you can be pretty sure you are dealing with a scam.

Why is Zero Risk Binary App a scam

These scammers are using a new trick. They tell you that you can use their system risk free without risking a single penny. But it is a big lie. Because as soon as you join Zero Risk, you have to open a binary options trading account and deposit your money, at least $250.

You have to deposit and risk your own money.
You have to deposit and risk your own money.

They say that they will give you a 100 % deposit bonus, so if you deposit $250 for example, you will get a $250 and have $500 for trading. But they don’t explain the catch. The deposit bonus is given by the broker. By the way, you cannot chose your broker, you have to go with one they select for you, which is the unregulated Titan Trade at this moment.

And deposit bonuses cannot be withdrawn until you meet a turnover criteria. For example Titan Trade won’t let you withdraw money until you trade 20 times your initial balance (deposit + bonus). So in our example where you have $500 on your account, you first have to make trades with the total volume of $10,000 before they let you withdraw.

So if you start trading and lose $250, your remaining balance will be $250. But as you did not meet the turnover criteria, you cannot withdraw your bonus and losses are deducted from your deposit. So what remains is your bonus and you lost your entire deposit and cannot withdraw anything.

So Zero Risk Binary App is lying when they say that you can try their system risk free. In reality all losses will be deducted from you deposit, so you will be losing money since the beginning.

The reality

Zero Risk Binary App is in fact a simple binary options scam like many others. People behind it are affiliated with brokers and will get paid for every new trader they refer to them. So if you join them, you will have to deposit at least $250 and then you will lose this money by trading through their app. All losses will be taken from your deposit, not from the bonus, so you risk everything.

These scams are all the same, they promise you free money, but in reality they will make you lose your deposit. The only way to make money on binary options is to learn how to trade (you can try a free demo) and trade your own account.

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