SCAM ROBOT: DAXrobot and DAXBASE review


This review is an explanation of why you have to stay away from DAXrobot and the broker DAXBASE.

DAXrobot is supposed to be an automated trading solution for financial markets. This robot will trade for you and allegedly earn you money.

It is supposed to do that with the DAXBASE broker that claims to be regulated. Can you trust these solutions?

DAXrobot scam

Scam robotLet’s start with the DAXrobot. The picture of the robot shows a software that we have already seen several times with investment scams.

This robot is not profitable, in fact, it loses money in real trading. It’s a software created by scammers to attract people to shady brokers.

Or you thought that a free software will make you money? No free robot will make you money in trading, it would go against basic economic principles.

DAXBASE is NOT regulated

DAXBASE is not regulatedNow on to the broker DAXBASE. On its webpage you will find a big statement that it is regulated. But it is not true.

In fact, DAXBASE is an anonymous broker that is not even showing a physical address! It only shows some phone numbers, that’s all.

DAXBASE is not regulated in any country, therefore it cannot offer its services in any country that has a financial regulation.

With brokers that are not regulated your money is not protected in any way, you should never trade with them.


DAXrobot is a scam robot and DAXBASE is a broker that is not regulated. Stay away from them!

If you want to try financial trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Bear in mind that trading is risky, so be careful and if you decide to switch to real money trading, invest only money that you can afford to lose.

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  1. which investment is a legit one? can you provide us with a legit investment? thank you

    1. If you are looking for investments with several % per day in returns, all these offers are scams.

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