SCAM ROBOT WARNING: Pip365 – review

pip-365We came across another clone of a famous binary options scam robot, this time it is called Pip365.

Sometimes you can see reviews referring to Pip365 as a binary options signals service, but in reality it is a robot that will trade for you. You can use a semi-automatic mode, but what’s the point of clicking the trades manually if you don’t know where they came from and the robot can do it for you.

According to reviews Pip365 has a 75% win rate and it is free. So yeah, free money again. Now we have so much money thanks to these free binary options trading systems that we don’t know what to do with (joke)…

Pip365 scam

pip365-robotWe did a test of the Pip365 trading software and we quickly recognized the most used binary options scam robot out there.

It is a white label solution that anybody can buy. We don’t know the price, but you will get a robot that you can place you logo on it, decide what brokers you will use and then you can start to scam people.

This same software is being used by countless scam robots, like Option Robot, iRobot and Gold Binary Robot. They all promise you free money but they all fail. Look at the picture to see the proof.

This software has a very dangerous aspect, it provides a free demo, but the demo is fake, as we have proved in the past in our reviews. So when you try a free demo, you will see great results. So then you will use the robot on a real account with your own money, but as real results cannot be faked, you will lose your deposit.

Look at the following video, we have captured it again, the demo is misleading and faking trades.

How Pip365 works

The only purpose of Pip365 is to make you deposit money with a selected brokers. People who run this scam are affiliated with certain brokers and will get paid for every new depositing client they can refer.

So scammers need you to believe that their robot works so that you deposit with one of their broker and start trading with your own money. Now you know that if you do it, you will lose your money.


Pip365 is just one of many scam robots based on a well-known software that loses money, so stay away from it.

If you want to see how you can really earn money with binary options, try a true free demo with a regulated broker.

There you will see how trading works and you can try and build a really profitable strategy.

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11 thoughts on “SCAM ROBOT WARNING: Pip365 – review

  1. io spesso leggo le recensioni di wacthdog dove parlano di alcuni robot che sembra siano eccellenti.Sinceramente mi fido piu di voi,siete tra i pochi che non si lasciano condizionare da i commenti di altri siti dove sponsorizzano ciofeche giorno dopo giorno.Vi meritate un grazie!

  2. to mee its seems its workinfg its nothing fake at this vieo or now you wannt to make bad publicity to all robot autobinary?

    1. Yes, all binary options robots are scams. It’s either that or there is free money and the world economy will collapse.

        1. If you mean investing real money, then no, because I don’t want to throw money out of the window.

    1. Hi, I’m sorry but I believe that all binary options robots promising you free money are scams.

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